How do you download android apps on iPod touch?

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You can't :D
The closest to that is jail breaking !(:
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How do you download apps on the ipod touch?

On the first page or in your case the only page of your itouch there is a little sign that says app store and its a little blue square. Oh and you need to have a itunes accoun

How do you download apps to your ipod touch?

Its Simple!!! Al you gotta do is connect your ipod to the internet through the settings menu (type it into youtube some friendly guy/gal will tell you how) then launch the app

How do you download apps onto my ipod touch?

There are two ways: . 1. First download the apps onto your computer using iTunes. Plug in your iPod to your computer, open iTunes, and set the sync settings so that you can

How do you download apps on your iPod touch?

go to itunes 9 then download it with your sync cable thing in your iPod touch then it'll pop up on your computers desktop so move the itunes 9 thing out the way then click on

How do you download apps for the ipod touch?

Apps can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Some apps are free and others are paid. These apps can then be synced to your iPod in the same way that you sync music to you