How do you download songs from LimeWire to an mp3 player instead of I tunes?

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How to transfer songs from limewire to an mp3-download all the songs you want on limewire but before you do that hook up your mp3 or ipod then go to windows media player and go to sync device and pull up the empty sync list then click on 1 of your songs then press ctrl+a and it will select all of the songs then minimize windows media player then select all of your songs again hold drag until you get to the bottom were windows media player is. keep holding drag windows media player should pop up while your still holding drag then drag all of the songs to the sync list make sure you have enough space (it will say by the mp3 icon at the top) then press start sync. If an problems go wrong press stop sync.
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Is LimeWire only for downloading music for MP3 players?

Answer . \nNo, you can download it for other stuff too. Like just listening to it on your computer, burning it out into a CD, but that's not truly can download

How do you download songs from LimeWire to your mp3 player?

The other guy that gave that answer is a fud, don't listen ,theres an even easier way to do it! Open Limewire! then go into library then click on saved files and then drag o

Download music from LimeWire to your mp3 player?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nLime Wire is illegal.\nUmm no i have lime wire and i know millions of other pllz do so you save the music in documents and you go to lime wire libra

How do you download LimeWire songs to an MP3?

I wouldn't download them in the first place. My friend did and she had to buy a whole new iPod because it screwed it all up! most mp3 players will show up on your computer lik

How can you download music from LimeWire onto your Phillips GoGear mp3 player instead of itunes?

I had a Philips mp3 player before and If I'm correct, it should work if you go on limewire, right click the file and say "view file location" and it will open the folder where