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How do you drain the water from the fuel in a Ford F-250?

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Depends on how much is in there, if just a little, put some rubbing alcohol in there and it will remove it as you drive, or you can try a siphon. if you really stuck a garden hose in there, i would take the fuel filter off and turn the key forward and let the fuel pump all the water out till you get down to gas. as you know gas flots on water, and the fuel pump sucks from the bottom of the tank, so it will suck water first, then gas. have fun If this is a power stroke and the water in fuel light is on their is a drain petcock located behind the fuel filter apparatus that will drain your water from the water seperator check your power stroke owners manual, the exact directions are there.Do this as soon as safely possible when light comes on you can perform this anywhere with no tools required.

WARNING::: Rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl rubbing alcohol) same kind used for cuts,scrapes should not be put in to your fuel system at all,the active ingredient is 70%Isopropyl alcohol BUT the inactive ingredient is 30% WATER...so by placing as small bottle of rubbing alcohol into the fuel system you are also adding more WATER into the system....
Isopropyl alcohol is a major ingredient in the "gas dryer"type fuel additives that are designed to remove water from the fuel system HOWEVER these gas dryer additives do not contain any water what so ever unlike common rubbing alcohol..
By adding a 16oz bottle of common isopropyl rubbing alcohol(70%/30%) into the fuel system you are also adding 4.8 ounces of WATER.....which defeats the purpose since you are adding more water to the water you wish to remove in the first place..
just spend the extra $1.25 and purchase the correct fuel additive.
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