How do you drink China Martini?

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China Martini can be drunk 'neat' with ice or hot (China Martini calda). In Italy it is heated with steam from the expresso machine, or with hot water added. Either way enjoy!
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How do you make a martini?

Answer . \nTraditional (2-to-1) MARTINI\n1 1/2 oz Gin\n3/4 oz Dry Vermouth\n. \nstir vermouth and gin over icecubes in a mixing glass.\nstrain into cocktail glass.\nserve with a twist of lemon peel or olive, if desired.\n*****\nDry (5-to-1) MARTINI\n1 2/3 oz Gin\n1/3 oz Dry Vermouth\nFollow (MORE)

What is in an apple martini?

The appletini, also known as the apple martini, is a cocktailcontaining vodka and apple juice, apple cider, or apple liqueur.

What is a naked martini?

A naked martini doesn't contain any vermouth. It's chilled gin or vodka that's garnished with an olive, served up in a martini glass.

What is Martini Rossi what do you mix with it?

Martini & Rossi is an Italian beverage company, best known for its production of Martini vermouth. Martini is the brand name used for the company's vermouth products. Vermouth is made from wine, herbs and other aromatic plant products, sugar and added alcohol. Dry vermouth is the unsweetened, fai (MORE)

What rhymes with martini?

How 'bout Houdini?. bikini. tortellini. Gian Lorenzo Bernini Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini Mbini Benito Mussolini Giacomo Puccini Gioacchino Antonio Rossini zucchini bikini Bambini

Which ingredient can change a dry martini into a wet martini?

vermouth . There are a number of terms used to describe how to make a martini-dry, dirty, burnt, bruised, stirred, wet. When you're attempting to make or order a martini that is wet, this descriptor usually signifies that you want one that's a little sweeter than the average. Traditionally, this me (MORE)

What drinks do they have in China?

I've been in China and they mostly drink GREEN TEA. All sorts of tea-red tea, flower tea,etc. Beer is popular as is wine (strong red wine, peels paint). Pepsi, coke,etc is hard to find, but Starbucks are in all the cities...

What is in a French Martini?

A "French Martini" is not a true martini at all, it is simply a cocktail served in a martini glass. It is made by mixing Chambord, Grand Marnier, Soda water & Orange juice in a shaker, then straining the mixture into a martini glass. 1 part Chambord 1 part Grand Marnier 2 parts Orange juice 1 part (MORE)

Why you can't drink the water in china?

Because unlike other places in the world, the tap water in China is not drinkable. Its because of the severe pollution there. Same thing with the Chinese sky, its never so blue. If you've ever been to China, you'll know that its a very messy place, full of cars, people, and ugly grey buildings. In f (MORE)

What do they drink in China?

They love to drink lots of pops like Pepsi and coca-cola also they are fond of beer and red wine so strong and dark it peels paint of walls.

What is the martini bond drinks in Quantum of solace?

On the plane however he drinks something else... He drinks a drink containing 3 measures of Gordons gin 1 of Vodka,half a measure of kinalala,shaken well until ice cold and served with a long thin slice of lemon peel.

Who invented the martini?

The Martini was invented by Vincenzo Petrone. He was the Chief Barman at the Hotel Ambassador on Via Veneto in Rome, Italy in the early 1950's and 60's. He was also notable for mixing drinks for American soldiers in Rome during the American occupation of Italy in World War II. It seems his service n (MORE)

How do you prepare a Martini?

While variations are many, a standard modern martini is an approximate four to one ratio, made by combining approximately two ounces (or 55ml) of Gin, and approximately half an ounce (or 15ml) of dry vermouth. Some prefer somewhat less vermouth—about a five or six to one proportion of gin to ve (MORE)

What is the difference between vodka martini and martini cocktails?

Martini cocktails (to me anyways) means a cocktail that basicallyhas gin, vermouth, and a garnish. The gin and vermouth along withice cubes are either shaken or stirred, poured into cocktail glass,then the garnish (either an olive or lemon peel) is placed in theglass. A vodka martini, which the fict (MORE)

How do you order a martini?

If you ask for a Martini, the bartender or waiter will usually as how you like them made. The usual answer is something like "four to one with a twist" meaning four parts gin to one part dry vermouth garnished with a lemon twist. If you want less vermouth (which does not improve the flavour), you ca (MORE)

Is Ricky Joy a soft drink product of China safe to drink?

Looks safe so far. I've had a few and haven't developed any problems. I should probably note that I am a 20 yr old male with no other health problems, so if these are dangerous to drink the effects might not be noticeable on me.

Are martinis fattening?

Martinis are less fattening than wine or beer or sweet mixed drinks (watch out for pina coladas!). However, they are also stronger, so drink them responsibly. Also, they are lower in calories if you order them garnished with a twist instead of an olive.

How do you make a watermelon martini?

1/2 oz fresh lime juice . 1 oz citrus vodka . 1 1/2 oz fresh watermelon juice . 1 watermelon slice for garnish . Get a martini glass do not add water . Slowly add the ingredients in a shaker and shake . Pour into the martini glass and garnish with a few fresh slices of watermelon! .

What kind of drinks does china drink?

i don't realy know but i do know that each year thousands of new soda companys are made and built up in china. weather many of them survive is a different question

How do you make a gingerbread martini?

There are many ways to make a gingerbread martini. Some versions start with a gingerbread syrup, others have you make the gingerbread syrup yourself, and still others incorporate the ingredients of gingerbread cookies into the drink itself. The following recipe is based on a bought gingerbread sy (MORE)

What is martini rosso?

Martini Rosso is a brand of Italian vermouth, also commonly called "sweet vermouth". It is most often used in Manhattan Cocktails in North America, though in Italy it is more frequently served over ice with an orange twist.

What is a double martini?

Basically, a double martini is two martini cocktails served in one glass. To mix one, you use twice as much gin and twice as much vermouth, then strain it into a larger martini glass. They are not recommended, as the drink will be warm before you've finished it (unless you're drinking way too fast). (MORE)

Was the soft drink invented in china?

No. Mineral water was as close as you could get to soft drinks until around the 11th century where a drink named Dandelion and burdock was made in England. The drink consisted of fermented dandelions and burdock, being naturally fizzy it was the closest thing to a soft drink at that time. Next, A (MORE)

Is tea from china safe to drink?

Yes, of course Chinese tea is safe to drink. They are the world's largest exporter of tea, and they're the among the first green tea growers circa 10,000 BCE. Their traditions of tea cultivation and harvesting are revered as among the most deliberate found anywhere.

Did George Burns drink gin martinis?

Yes, when George Burns started drinking, martinis were just made with gin. Vodka became popular in martinis because of product placement in the first few James Bond movies, even though in the original Ian Fleming stories, James Bond Drank Gordon's gin in his martinis

What is the difference between dry martini and martini dry?

A dry martini is a cocktail made with gin and dry vermouth. Martini Dry is a brand of dry vermouth, which is an ingredient in a dry martini. Martini Dry is also served on its own, often poured over ice cubes and garnished with a lemon twist or lemon wedge. Americans ordering martinis in Europe are o (MORE)

What is a garnish for a martini?

The two most popular garnishes are olives (green Spanish olives without the red pimiento inside are the best), and lemon twists. To cut a good lemon twist, use a vegetable peeler and try to get as little of the white pith on the underside.

How much sugar is in a Mexican martini?

There is no sugar in a Mexican Martini, at least not at Trudy's in Austin where is it believed to have been invented. To make a Mexican Martini, fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add two ounces tequila (try Herradura or other good quality tequila, as it makes a big difference), 1 ounce of Cointreau (MORE)

What would you drink in china?

My friend who goes to china, says it's mostly tea's. Chinese really love tea. Almost like the British. Uh, I hope that didn't sound harsh. I don't have any negative vibes going on about brits on english lads. I'm gonna stop talking. Goodbye.

What drink do they have in china?

In china when they are thirsty they have to look for the youngest child they can see. If there are no young children around, look for old people. the secretly take them into a small quiet room and slaughter them very slowly and painfully, in order to get the tastiest drink. they then drink the dead (MORE)

What is the approximate shape of a martini glass?

The approximate shape of a martini glass is that of a conical bowl at the top of a stem, attached to a flat circular base. A standard martini glass holds approximately 13.3 centiliters of fluid.

What is a good chocolate martini recipe?

A good chocolate martini recipe is a "Chocolate Espresso Martini". It consists of one lemon wedge, 2 tablespoons of raw sugar, 2 tablespoons of finely chopped and cut bittersweet chocolate chunks, 4 tablespoons of cooled espresso, chilled 1.5 ounces of vodka and 1/2 ounce of creme de cacao. You will (MORE)

How does one make a pomegranate martini?

There are a couple of variations to the pomegranate martini. That said, the most popular recipe calls for one ounce of vodka, one half ounce of orange liqueur, and three ounces of pomegranate juice combined with one quarter cup of chopped ice. Shake and strain the mix into a cocktail glass.

What are the most popular flavored martinis?

Martinis are a very popular drink. Some of the most popular flavored martinis come in the fruity flavors. Others include: Earl Gray; Cosmo Style Pomegranate; Day Fay; and Chocolate martinis.

Is the tap water safe to drink in China?

It depends on where you are. In major cities like Beijing or Shanghai, which are very modern and industrialized, the major hotels and businesses have safe drinking water, as do most of the homes of the middle and upper class. The problem is out in the rural areas, or where poor people live. In such (MORE)

How do you make a martini with Martini Rossi Rosso?

Ingredients: 4 1/2 ounces vodka 1 1/2 ounces sweet vermouth 1/8 ounce orange bitters 1 orange rind twists Directions: 1. Add vodka and sweet vermouth to a shaker filled with ice. 2. Shake. 3. Strain into chilled martini glass. 4. Add the dash of bitters. 5. Granish with orange twist.