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How do you eat raw American Ginseng root?

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You cut off a little piece. Put it in your mouth. Then chew! ;-) Honestly, that is the only way I have ever eaten it...it does the job!
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How is American cookie dough all right to eat raw when regular dough that you use to make cooked cookies is not good for you to eat?

Packaged dough in the tube has been precooked specially to kill disease so it is safe to eat. When I was young I made cookies from the dough and my mom was worried so she call (MORE)

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Can cats eat raw pork?

Yes, cats can indeed eat pork in small amounts as an occasional treat. However, it may be best not to encourage a cat to eat a lot of raw pork as there have been some relation (MORE)

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What are the benefits of eating raw food and what foods can you eat raw?

Cooking food denatures enzymes and proteins, so in theory eating raw food would be more efficient than constructing new proteins from amino acids. It should be noted, that the (MORE)

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Is eating raw rice harmfull?

It is not HARMFUL, but will definetley give you a terrible stomach ache, if eaten in large quantity it could be harmful.