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How do you evolve Scyther into scizor in mystery dungeon red?

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u hav 2 have the metal coat than it will say giv anotha item? say yes but this item has 2 be a LINK CABLE to evolve. hope dis helps ;)
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How does Scyther evolve into Scizor?

you need to trade it with another person WITH A METAL COAT if youdont give it the coat it will not evolve then ask your friend totrade it back

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red can you evolve?

Yes, you can, if you want to know how, you must first beat, i think, Rayquaza(im not sure cuz i dont have the game any more, but im sure it is)or meet Xatu? After you do one o

How do you recruit Scizor in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon red?

First you need to beat the game. Get the friend area Overgrown Forest. Then go and recruit Scyther at sinister woods. For the next part, you need a key and the friend area bou

When does Scyther evolve into scizor?

arcues is not the god of all Pokemon!!!!!!!! mew is because arcues can ony change types mew can change Pokemon and types and he doesn't look stupid!!!!!!!

How do you evolve tyrogue in mystery dungeon red?

Tyrogue evolves at Level 20. If its Attack stat is higher than its Defense stat, it'll evolve into Hitmonlee. If the Defense stat is higher than the Attack stat, it'll evolve