How do you factor c square plus 5c plus 6?

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c2 + 5c + 6 = (c + 2)*(c + 3)
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How do you factor z squared plus 7z plus 6?

The procedure for factoring z 2 +7z+6 is as follows: First, we must look at the number in front of the first variable. In this case, it is a 1. Then we look at the la

How do you factor 2u squared plus 13u plus 6?

I don't factor these. I am lazy, so I use the quadratic formula. -b +/- sqrt(b^2-4ac)/2a a = 2 b = 13 c = 6 u = - 13 +/- sqrt[13^2 - 4(2)(6)]/2(2) u = - 13 +/-