How do you file a lien against a property owners association?

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If the association owes you money, you can take your evidence to an attorney who can help you take the appropriate action against the association.

Generally, you would file suit against the association and if you prevail you would request a judgment lien to reach any assets that belong to the association. That would most likely be a bank account. The judgment lien would enable you to attach the association's account and freeze those funds.

In my jurisdiction the seizure would be accomplished through the local sheriff's department. Your attorney will explain your options once she/he has reviewed your situation.
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Can the lien against my property be released when the the original owner apparently with a tax debt died.?

Answer . Assuming you are talking about an IRS lien, then yes. If you were not liable for the taxes, then the lien should not be on your property. The first thing to determine is whether or not the lien actually attached to your property.. If the previous owner of the house owned the house at th (MORE)

Can a home owners association file a lien against you for over due fees?

Maybe. If the homeowner's association (HOA) has written, recorded covenants and/or bylaws that require the payment of dues, liens can be filed for non-payment of those dues. The laws regarding HOA liens vary widely from state to state. I suggest that you see a real estate attorney in your area to di (MORE)

Can you file a lien against a neighbor for putting a fence on your property?

Answer . I believe you must first go through the proper steps... . 1) Ask that they remove fence and have an accurate survey of your property line to support your complaint. . 2) If they refuse, you can file a suit . 3) They are either required to move the fence to their property line, . (MORE)

Can home owners association sue for a lien paid when property was foreclosed on?

Your question sounds like this series of events took place: . The association filed a lien on a unit. . The property was foreclosed upon. . The foreclosure paid the lien. . The association wants it money. If the scenario above reflects the string of events, it's reasonable that the asso (MORE)

Can you file a lien against city property?

depends on your state, but usually mechanics liens are for private citizens, you need to file a claim against a City entity (call them get a form), then if they reject/deny your claim you have to file a law suit. If you are a contractor its a particular form and you have to file to enforce it (i.e. (MORE)

In California can a homeowner's association file a lien on a property?

In any state, an association can file a lien on a property, usually as a last resort, in order to collect unpaid monies owed to the association by the owner. Read your governing documents to determine the steps the association must take in advance of filing a lien -- the owner is owed due process (MORE)

How do you file a lien against a property that is vacant?

You must sue the owner in court and obtain a judgment lien that can be recorded in the land records. Then, the lien must be recorded properly: The sheriff must record the lien in most jurisdictions. It doesn't matter whether the house is vacant or occupied.

Can a Homeowners Association file a lien against you for the state of the interior of your home?

Only if the interior of your home is visible from a public area of the HOA (which I can't imagine). By the way, the HOA would not file a lien, rather a Certificate of Non Compliance, or something like that. Liens are for collecting money only. Another Answer Read your governing documents to dete (MORE)

How do you fight homeowners association that has placed a lien against a property?

Answer . You need to review the rules and regulations of the homeowners association. It generally has the right to record a lien against your property for non-payment of common fees and assessments. Those subdivision schemes generally contain language similar to the example below. When you purchas (MORE)

Can a leisure club file a lien against properties not situated in the associations boundaries for unpaid dues?

Of course--if the association likes to pay attorney fees and court costs to the property owners whose land title was slandered by the lien. If the association is not in the deed of the property, then the association has no authority to compel payment of dues. For the same reason, those property owne (MORE)

Can you file a lien against bank owned property?

Answer . A lien against bank owned property would not be effective unless the lien was against the bank. If you have a lien against the former owner your opportunity to try to enforce it has passed.

What recourse do you have once you have been granted a lien against the real property of a business owner?

You have two. One is to foreclose on the lien by forcing a sale of the realty to raise money to pay the judgment. Usually, when proceedings like this get to this point, the owner comes up with the money somehow in order to save his home as long as there is some equity in the property. Your other opt (MORE)

Can a HOA file a lien against a property owner to cover attorney's fees generated in trying to resolve a dispute over restriction violations?

Generally, the association must have been awarded attorneys' feesin a court case, or won a judgement against an owner in order tofile a lien for fees. If your association has filed a lien against you without such ajudgement or winning, you can work with an attorney to have thelien dismissed, and po (MORE)

What is home owner association lien?

This lien clouds your title of ownership, probably because you owe the association money. To clear the lien, pay the debt, then ask their attorney for a Release of Lien, which you can file at the local county courthouse. This clears your title.

Can a homeowners association file a lien against your home if we do not use the ammenities we really pay for?

Read your governing documents to determine your responsibility topay assessments, and review your annual budget to learning moreabout the operating expenses for your community. If additional fees are charged for amenities and you choose not touse them, you are not subject to these additional fees. (MORE)

Can a lien on a home for unpaid personal loan be filed without notice of property owner?

When you say "property owner," I assume you mean real property, and further assume this issue arises in the USA. Because the state law implicated in your question is not identified and there are not enough facts laid out, let me ask you this: 1. was there a written loan agreement? No 2. has a lien (MORE)

Can your condo association file a lien against you when your dues are unpaid in Florida?

Yes. Read your governing documents and understand your obligation to pay your monthly assessments. There, as well, you'll find the process that the board is required to follow to collect this debt that you owe. When you ignore letters, filing a lien may be the next step. One of the final steps (MORE)

How does a homeowners association place a super lien against a property?

Liens are a legal specialty and best practices dictate that youwork with association counsel to file the proper lien, properly, tomaximize the association's chances that it can recover money fromthis action. An improperly filed, improper lien may afford the debtor defenseagainst your claim.

What are liens on property owner in an association?

Liens cloud the title to the condominium, meaning that the property owner owes a debt based on that property which must be paid in order to clear the title. Liens are also public record and may appear on owners' credit reports.

What kind of lien can a home owners association file?

Of all the types of liens that can be filed on a real estate title, the association can file a 'specialty lien' specifically to collect unpaid assessments. With a lien against the title, you cannot sell or refinance the unit until the lien is paid and satisfied, and the lien satisfaction filed wit (MORE)

Can an Home owners association put a lien on your property even while you are making payments?

You are not clear about who you're making payments to: the mortgage company for your mortgage, or to the association to pay assessments that are in arrears. If you mean payments to make up arrears, and the association filed a lien on your title, review the agreement that you made with them about m (MORE)

How do you file a complaint with the ACLU against home owners association?

Take your proof of discrimination to the local ACLU office -- or engage them online to present your case. You can follow the link below, to discover exactly whom to contact. As well, take a copy of your governing documents and any applicable lease with you, so that you and the ACLU can understand (MORE)

Does home owners association have the right to enter the property for home inspection in order to put a lien against the property?

This could be an uncommon first action for an association. Unless it is written in your governing documents that this inspection is part of a lien action, you may have a right to deny this request. You can request an official notice from the association requiring specifics of why a right to enter (MORE)

How does a home owners association file a lien for unpaid dues in Oregon?

Best practices dictate that you work with you association-savvy attorney, who can review your governing documents and employ the guidelines there to verify that the board has completed all the necessary steps that must occur before filing a lien. Then, your attorney can file a lien, of the proper (MORE)

How do you file a lien against an association member who doesn't pay their dues?

Read your governing documents to most fully understand the process that the association must follow in order to file a lien. When the process is ready for the step of filing a lien, best practices dictate that your association attorney be involved, so that the appropriate type of lien, together wi (MORE)

Can a condo association file a lien on property for non-payment of a fine?

Yes. Read your governing documents to confirm that any monies you own the association, whether they be in the form of a regular assessment, special assessment or fine, constitute a 'statutory lien' on your property. You agreed to this process when you purchased your unit. The final action the a (MORE)

Can a home owners association file a lien against you for needing to fix a piece of wood on the house and paint it?

The definition of a lien is essentially a claim to keep property -- in your case, cloud your title -- until a debt is paid. In order to file a lien, you must owe the association money, either in the form of fines for this violation, or in the form of bills for the required repair. Without money (MORE)

Does a homeowners association in Florida have to give notice to the property owner of their intent to file a lien prior to filing a lien?

Read your governing documents to determine your responsibilities and how they figure into any lien process. Usually, your assessments represent a statutory lien on your title, which is made formal when a lien is filed. Your association is required to notify you of any failure on your part to honou (MORE)

Can an association file a lien for property damage?

It depends on what it says in the by-laws of the association and whether such a provision is valid under state law. So, nobody can answer this without reading the by-laws and knowing what state the property is located in.

Can a condo association file a lien against you for not paying for work that they authorized on your personal property without consulting you?

The answer depends on the details. There are circumstances when it would be necessary for an association to take that initiative. The answer depends on the details. There are circumstances when it would be necessary for an association to take that initiative. The answer depends on the details. The (MORE)