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How do you find a life insurance company that might have merged with another or gone out of business?

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Try search AM Best.
You might also try a google search or the NAIC - National Assoc. of Insurance Commissioners. Y
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How do you find a life insurance company Eastern Life Insurance of New York The company may have merged?

Before an insurance company can sell insurance in a certain state, it must register with the State Dept of Insurance. If the company is sold, then it must notify the Dept of w

How do you find out what the name of the life insurance company is?

Try to below things. 1. If you have access to their personal records, go through old bank statements or canceled checks to see if they paid any insurance companies. 2. Did th

How do you find out who bought out a life insurance company?

There are a few reasonably ready ways to do this. First, if you know the proper name of the insurer, go to its website and there will likely be an article or notice to polic

If a Life Insurance company goes out of business what happens to the loan you have with them?

Life insurance companies never go out of business. They are merged, purchased, or absorbed by another insurance company who then owned their assets and liaiblities. Any loan y

How do you find the best insurance company for my business?

Focus on finding the best insurance broker, not the best insurance  company. The insurance broker will help you identify, understand,  and insure your company's risks. If th

Is Buckingham Life Insurance Company still in business?

There is no insurance company in existence that has a name that begins with "Buckingham". Contact your state insurance regulator and ask if an insurance company by that name
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How do you find a company that already gone out of business?

I'm not sure what you mean exactly; it's sort of like asking howyou find someone that died, except someone that died MAY have leftbehind a body, at least, and you could presum