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How do you find a life insurance company that might have merged with another or gone out of business?

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Try search AM Best.
You might also try a google search or the NAIC - National Assoc. of Insurance Commissioners. Y
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How do you find insurance company named All American Life Insurance Company from Chicago?

  I had to track down this company, too. It is an AIG owned business, apparently operating currently under the name "American General." Its offices are located in Houston,

How do you find Find old life insurance company named California Western States Life Insurance Company?

Could you please tell me the state that this company issued the policy in. I have done preliminary research and found it not listed in California. Could you please e-mail me t

What is the business process in Life Insurance?

By name, process are: -New Business- receiving policy applications for new policies -Policy Underwriting- when an insurance company accepts a policy -Renewal - -Death Claims

How does insurance company benefit from life insurance?

As with any kind of insurance, the insurance company benefits by distributing risk according to statistical models, finding out how much it would cost them to pay out claims a

How do you find old life insurance company named Northern Life insurance company?

Per the State of Washington Insurance Commissioner, Northern Life Insurance was bought out by  Reliastar Life Insurance, 20 Washington Ave South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

How do you find Union Fidelity Life insurance Company of Carol Stream Illinois?

  I have contacted them using a fax number of 267-468-6967.   They replied to my fax with letterhead having an address of   P,O, Box 5007, Carol Stream, IL, 50197