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To find a mate in WolfQuest, you start a new game in Amethyst Mountain. Go to the map by pressing "M", and the three pink circles on the map are wolf territories.-go to each one. You will need to encounter at least 1 wolf in each territory-driving it away or killing it-even if it is the gender of your mate, and even though you want a mate the opposite sex of yourself. You cannot have a mate with Druld or any other kind of wolf that you see except Dispersal. Make sure you have full health and a carcass nearby before you encounter a wolf, for they can drain a lot of your health. After you have killed or driven away one wolf in each territory, go back to the Amethyst Mountain territory and search for a Dispersal male/female, depending on your gender. The tutorials should explain how to find a wolf in each territory. When you have a dispersal encounter-say something kind like "Hello" or "I like you" or something like that-NEVER try to be boss, or the wolf will reject you as a mate. You will not need full health when having a dispersal encounter with your opposite sex. When you encounter a dispersal, keep saying kind things until the bar at the left hand side of the screen makes it to five hearts, and then you can name your mate. Note: After you get a mate, I recommend you DO NOT fight with another wolf, for it can drain your mate's health as well as your own, and if the wolf kills you, you may have to restart. If you accidentally encounter another wolf, click on the button "I've got to go!" and you will leave the wolf without getting injured. Be sure to save your game extremely often throughout playing.

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You go to the Three Wolf Territory's (on the map it is pink) and you go to the wolf and keep on saying I'm boss, back off! The other wolf would say the same thing so keep doing that until the wolf says, "I give in" or "You could kill the wolf". You have to do that to all the three wolf territory's. Then after you have done that, go up to a wolf. (For example your a female wolf) You have to go up to a male wolf and say this in the right order "Hello, I like you, let's play, let's start a pack, and there you have our mate! If your a female wolf and you meet another female wolf just click on the saying, "I got to go"!

In WolfQuest 2.7, dispersal wolves are determined by how much experience points your wolf has accumulated. You'll earn experience as you play the game by hunting and successfully killing prey, dominating (but not killing!) stranger wolves in one of the three territories found in Amethyst Mountain, and tackling predators among other things.
Killing stranger wolves instead of dominating them will not award experience. It's also worth noting that you won't be able to migrate to Slough Creek if you're playing Lost River. Both are intentional.

In WolfQuest 2.5.1 or older, dispersal wolves will begin to appear after your wolf has visited each territory and encountered a stranger wolf at least once for each location. Until this has been fulfilled, the only wolves you'll encounter are rival wolves inhabiting each territory.
To find a mate in wolf quest you need to go to ALL of the places highlighted in purple/pink (on the map) and try to find 1 wolf in all of them (if you press V then just follow the yellow trail)

 Once you have gone to all the wolf territory places and interacted with each wolf (three of them), go to any 1 of them one more time and you may find a wolf that will like you. Sometimes the wolf is the wrong gender, if that happens just try another territory.

 ps: Some people do this a different way, but it means that you lose more health!
Go to all 3 wolf territories. Follow the most recent yellow dots, they should lead you to a circle with a wolf inside. Talk the wolf, but leave quickly, otherwise he attacks you, and you lose health(the red bar.) Eat elk/hares to restore health. Visit at least 1 wolf in each territory. After that, just go to any one of them and find a wolf. Talk to him and make friendly comments, like 'Let's make a pack!' or 'I like you', etc. If he attacks you, it'd probably be better to leave. If he responds nicely, then keep making nice comments until he gets 4 hearts. After that, you can name him. You can go to Slough Creek after you finish this.
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How do you get a mate on WolfQuest?

You go to each territory then you meet a wolf in each place by following the yellow dotted trails. Then you meet a wolf in a territory and get five hearts with him/her then ask to start a family. Id say that when you meet the wolf it would say something above its head. When you talk to it say 'He (MORE)

In WolfQuest what is your mission after you find a mate?

There is not another mission after you find a mate, well, not that i know of. ive been playing wolfquest for about a year and i havn't had any other missions come up. ------------ Episode 2 is now up. Your next mission is to protect your pups while increasing pack affinity.

What do you do after you have found a mate on wolfquest?

Well,u just work with your mate.There is nothing to do after that in Episode 1,but in August 2009 Episode 2 will come out.That is when u will look after about 6,6 week old puppies.You will have to protectn them from other animals.Just check out Wolfquest.com and can get some in-fo about the second e (MORE)

How do you mate in wolfquest?

you can to get a mate is 1.get into a fight with all wolf terrortories 2.find a dispersal wolf and be nice to it they are sensitive 3. it will follow you around (note when it dies it repawns with you!) 4. i found mine in the plains part of map 5.slough creek is coming out in a few days!PUP (MORE)

What do you do after you find a mate in WolfQuest?

nothing you just have fun with your mate! wolfquest slough creek is coming in a few days.the wolfquest producers had to posepone the release several times because of fundings for wolfquest designers(most likely the economy and money issues).

What do you do after you find a mate on WolfQuest?

You need to save the game and quit. Then you go on the game again, and under the Amethyst mountains, is going to have another choice called Slough Creek, click on it and you are going to have another story to do.

How do you mate on WolfQuest?

okay so first look on your map it will show orange circles 3 actually so press v to turn your sense on then if it is not a dispersal wolf say i want to be boss and so on and so on. Then when you find a dispersal male/female(opposite of your gender) say hi and i like you, lets be friends and lets pla (MORE)

What to do after you find a mate in wolfquest?

your supposed to find a den first their are 3 dens rock one grass one or tree one then you supposed to mark your territory and do it until the yellow bar is filled then your pups are born and there's a bear you have to hit 3 times to run off then raise your pups and etc. etc. etc. after that you hav (MORE)

Cheats to mate on wolfquest?

Not sure if you mean in singleplayer or multiplayer... Singleplayer: You must get to all of the stranger wolf areas. You can find them by clicking "M" to see the map, they are the pink area. Or by following the picture of the wolf on the compass. Using the "run" ability will speed this up, to (MORE)

In WolfQuest what do you do after finding a mate and how do you and your mate just mate?

you can't.slough creek is coming in a few days so you can have pups in that one! http://www.wolfquest.org/game_info.php look and at the top and it will say: WolfQuest: Survival of the Pack is not available for downloading currently. We are fixing some issues with multiplayer username filte (MORE)

How do you get a mate in WolfQuest?

purple spots are wolf territories.go to ALL of them(grassy plain,soda butte vista,and ameythist mountain).find a despersal male or female wolf(it depends on witch gender you are.male:female.female:male.),click the "Hello There" button on the wolf speech when the wolf doesn't want to fight(hint:if th (MORE)

How do you lose a mate in wolfquest?

well... a grizzly could kill him / her . ---- *Note* by KoaWolfQuestMod: Normally, your WolfQuest singleplayer mate will re-spawn (come back to "life") if they die. It is impossible (to my knowledge?) to truly "lose" or make your mate disappear and never re-appear. Sometimes, glitches/bugs (MORE)

When you find a mate on WolfQuest where do you go?

Ok- It's easy depending on how strong your wolf is. You have to chase away (kill) one wolf from each place, then you go back to one of those places and search for a Desperil (Sorry I can't spell it) Male or Female to be your mate, then be very nice to them and they are your mate! (You'll have pups i (MORE)

How do you mate with a male on WolfQuest?

You do not see the mating, it is in slough creek (the new episode) there you can raise your four pups, feed them, protect them, mark your territory, have a den, although you cant go in it. and when you are done you have to protect your remaining pups, and take them to their summer den i think it was (MORE)

How do you mate on wolfquest slough creek?

you cant mate on slough creek. you have to mate on amethyst mountain which is the first episode or wolfquest. then you can use that file to go on slough creek. hope this helps :)

Where do you find your mate on WolfQuest?

To find a mate in WolfQuest, you start a new game in Amethyst Mountain. Go to the map by pressing "M", and the three pink circles on the map are wolf territories.-go to each one. You will need to encounter at least 1 wolf in each territory-driving it away or killing it-even if it is the gender of yo (MORE)

How do you get a mate in wolfquest the first version?

You look for several males or females and keep yourself alive until you get a notice that says that you havent found a mate so then you go to a wolf territory find the opposite gender that says despersal that means there the ones who mate.

Can you get 2 mates on wolfquest?

You may only gain one mate per save file in all versions of WolfQuest. Your mate will never die permanently, respawning whenever they die or are killed. There's never any need to seek out another.

Where do you find a mate on wolfquest?

First you go into ALL the wolf territory's and find a wolf in each. The last territory you go to you fight the wolf their, walk around, go back to the place you fought your last wolf, then there will be a boy/girl wolf and you talk to it do NOT fight it then there will be hearts. You want to ask the (MORE)

On wolfquest does it show mating?

no but i think they should put mateing in the new 2.5 or Maye when you go into the den inside and when your wolf comes out in thee morning it should say she have had pups or you have had pups in the den

In WolfQuest can your mate be killed?

yes. on single player yes and on multi player (if you even have a mate!) but he will come back to life no biggie! ---- *Note* by KoaWolfQuestMod: You cannot technically receive a mate, but people "get" mates through roleplay. Mates are not allowed on WolfQuest: Multiplayer, and it is best to s (MORE)

Can you get a mate on WolfQuest if you are on multiplayer?

You cannot technically receive a mate, but people "get" mates through roleplay. Mates are not allowed on WolfQuest: Multiplayer, and it is best to stay away from related chats. If you see any mate-related/gender-specific chats, please send in an abuse report. You can fill out the abuse forum he (MORE)

Ow do you get a mate in wolfquest?

Dont you mean how? o.o Anyways, throughtout the first part of the game you have to search threw all the forest to try and find your perfect mate. (:

How To Find a Mate in WolfQuest?

To find a mate, you must go to each wolf territory and try to fight off 1 wolf. If you can't run and eat. try again. Once you fight off 1 wolf in all three territories, go to any one of them and try to find a dispersal wolf, different gender to your wolf. Say: 1.hello there 2.i like you 3.lets play (MORE)

How do you have pups after you get a mate in wolfquest 2?

Hello, In order to obtain pups, you must first save your file after you receive a mate. Go back to the WolfQuest Selection Screen, and then click "Singleplayer", and then load your game in the Slough Creek section. Once you arrive at Slough Creek, you must find a den. Each green territory repre (MORE)

What happens when your mate dies on wolfquest?

If your mate dies on wolf quest, you will have to save your game then quit, then go on the same file again. It happens rarely tho... I have only had my mate die once and i did that^^ and it worked out fine. Hope this helps

How do you mate on WolfQuest on multiplayer?

you dont really GET a mate on multiplayer, well there are chats that say " need partner " and stuff, and if you go to one of those you can find a wolf and they will ask to be your partner. you can say yes or no. you can have a role play ( made up ) wolf mate too

Where do you get a mate in wolfquest?

It's a little like this... you have to fight and beat a wolf in all three packs. then you look for a mate. if you need more help go on youtube and type in: how to get a mate on wolf quest good luck!

Why isn't my mate following me on WolfQuest?

1. Are you on Slough Creek? There your mate will not follow you. He will hunt for food and if you leave the den he will return. Otherwise, he periodically returns. 2. If you have a mate in Amethyst Mountain, you need to save, click new game, and go to Slough Creek and choose your saved game. It is (MORE)

How do you quckly find a mate in wolfquest?

The only "strategy" would depend on your gameplay style. There are three territories so there's no real way to find a mate without first visiting them all, encountering the stranger wolf and venturing to the next. The WolfQuest community forum has several game guides you could use. See the relat (MORE)

How do you get your mate to carry your pups on wolfquest?

your mate carries your pups back to your den when you go hunting. when your mate gets back from hunting food then as soon as your mate gets back then you run to get some food and carry it back to your pups while your mate takes care of your pups. hope this helps a lot!!

What are some cheats to find a mate in WolfQuest?

Cheats? Just go get yourself a mate, it's not that hard AT ALL! On the Amethyst Mt map you go to all of the other wolf territories and interact with a wolf. Don't die or else you will have to go around to the packs again, soon you will get a message saying what your mate should be like, then you fin (MORE)

How do you save with a mate in WolfQuest 2.5?

If you have encountered a mate but cannot save, you've hit a fairly common glitch/bug that happens if a) you die during a fight with a stranger wolf, b) you kill a stranger wolf or c) you die anywhere in Amethyst Mountain; the first two are especially common, though sometimes the third does not alwa (MORE)

How do you get a mate in WolfQuest 2.5?

Well the first thing you have to do is to go to all of the territory's. Go to every territory and confront each wolf. I usually start at Grassy Plains because it's closer, make my way up to Soda Butte Vista and then head to Amethyst. In each territory you have to confront each wolf. To find them pre (MORE)

How does a female mate with males on wolfquest?

Mates are not allowed in Multiplayer, if mate-related behavior is caught the ones doing it will receive a warning/ban. If you mean in single player, all you have to do is get a mate in Amethyst Mountain, find a den in Slough Creek, and pups will be added.

How do you find a mate again in WolfQuest?

To find a mate in WolfQuest, you start a new game in Amethyst Mountain. Go to the map by pressing "M", and the three pink circles on the map are wolf territories.-go to each one. You will need to encounter at least 1 wolf in each territory-driving it away or killing it-even if it is the gender of yo (MORE)

What to do when you find a mate in WolfQuest?

Once you have found your mate (congratulations!), you have officially completed the first mission. What's left to do here is completely optional: raise your experience points for optional extras in Slough Creek. When you are finished in AM, save and quit to the main menu. Once there, you can load y (MORE)

How do you mate with a coyote on wolfquest?

That is not possible. WolfQuest is about wolves . It is not CoyoteQuest (nor are there plans for other animalQuest games!) and it cannot be done, no matter where you may have heard or read that rumor. Remember: the game is about wolves, your objectives are to find a dispersal wolf and raise a l (MORE)