How do you find anything on Google Earth?

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If you have an address, city name, or just latitude/longitude coordinates then you can fly to that location in Google Earth. Just enter the address or coordinates into the Search/Fly-to text box in the sidebar.

You could also do advanced queries such as "hotels near Paris" to display hotels near the city of Paris. The same queries that work in Google Maps work in Google Earth.

If don't have a particular location in mind, but you want to browse many of the interesting finds in Google Earth by category then there are numerous published lists available. For example, check out the Google Earth Community (GEC) forums.
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Does it cost anything to use Google Earth?

No, Google Earth is a free download! That is, the FREE version, of course. Besides, the pro version is for businesses and costs $400 for a one year subscription..

Does Google Earth cost anything?

The free version of Google Earth does not cost anything to download and use. Google also sells a high-performance Pro version for business users with an annual subscription

Where can you find penguins on Google Earth?

Sorry, but you can't find penguins on Google Earth. Reasons are that either the penguins are too small for the satellites to capture, or Google engineers erased them out while

How do you find shipwrecks in Google Earth?

In Layers panel of Google Earth under Ocean there is a Shipwrecks layer, which if checked will shows icons for shipwrecks around the world like the HMS Titanic with detail

How do you find Santa's house on Google Earth?

Santa's house is naturally located in the North Pole. However, forsecurity reasons the house and toy production factories have beenblurred out and invading Santa's privacy mig

How to find hiking trails on Google earth?

There are many hiking trail layers available to Google Earth. Lastyear Google added a hiking layer directly to the featured layers ofGoogle Earth but has recently moved it to

How do you find a tornado in Google Earth?

While it's possible to photograph a tornado don't think one has been captured in Google Earth satellite or aerial imagery. What you can see is the near real-time weather overl

Does Google Earth plug-in cost anything?

The Google Earth browser plugin is free. If you install Google Earth client it already installs the plugin for you. But you can still install the plugin directly from googl

How do you find the latitude and longitude on Google Earth?

The latitude and longitude of your cursor appear at the bottom of the screen as you move around. If you have the latitude and longitude and you want to find that place,

How do you find RMS Titanic on Google Earth?

First select the Shipwrecks layer under Ocean in Google Earth in the Layers panel. This layer will shows icon for shipwrecks around the world including the R MS Titanic wit

Can you find the ship Olympic on Google Earth?

Google Earth has a shipwreck layer which includes the Titanic but the Olympic (the Titanic's sister ship) never sank. The Olympic had a collision with a British warship in 191

How do you find 3D shipwrecks in Google earth?

In Layers panel of Google Earth under Ocean there is a Shipwrecks layer, which if checked will shows icons for shipwrecks around the world like the HMS Titanic with detail

How do you find the coordinates of your house on Google Earth?

You can jump to your house by entering the address in the search tool in Google Earth. Once your house is located you can mouse over it to see the latitude/longitude coordinat

How do I find Venus on Google Earth?

You can also see Venus, the other planets, and other galaxies in the Sky mode view. For example in Sky mode you can enter "Venus" in the search box to jump there. . Mars and