How do you find my laptop's Mac address?

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Assuming it's a Window computer.
Click on Start, select Run.
In the box this pops up type CMD and press return. This should bring up a command windows which is black with white lettering.
Within this window type IPCONFIG /ALL
This will show all the network adaptors in the laptop. As the laptop is likely to have a wireless card this will show as a separate adaptor and a different MAC address.
Look for the adaptor you want to know the MAC address for and this should show a Physical Address for example 00-0a-0c-16-fe-1a - this is the MAC address.

If it is an Apple computer....
Click on the Apple menu icon top left corner.Select About This Mac from the menu and then click on the More Info button.Select Network in the left hand pane of the Info window and the MAC address will be listed in the right hand pane.
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How do you find out your Mac address?

Windows . If you're running a Windows machine, bring up a command line prompt. (Start, Run, type "cmd" or "command"). At the command line, type "ipconfig /all". Listed will be your network adapters, with the "Physical Address" being the one your looking for. . MAC and IP addresses in Windows NT, (MORE)

How do you find a particular node's IP address if you only know its MAC address?

Answer . There are a few ways. Personally, I would use nmap. nmap is a free command-line port-scanner; its an extremely useful and powerful tool, and it is surprisingly easy to use. There are lots of good nmap tutorials:. Or, if you're hardcor (MORE)

How do I find my Gateway address on my MAC?

To get the gateway address do this: 1) Click Apple Logo top left 2) click System prefrences 3) Click Network (under internet & wireless) 4) Make sure your connected to your network 5) Click the advanced button at the lower right hand of the dialogue box 6) Click the TCP/IP tab 7) It w (MORE)

How do you find your Mac address?

To find your mac address if you are a windows user simply do the following. First, click on the start menu (the bottom left corner), then click run and enter cmd into the box. Then click ok. Once a command prompt window opens, type the line "ipconfig /all". This will bring up a bunch of things on th (MORE)

What is Mac address?

A MAC (short for Media Access Control) address is a unique ID of an individual computer or other object with a network adaptor.

What is the Mac address?

\nA Media Access Control address is given to every networking adapter. It is unique on every device. t is used as a permanent identifier for that component. For more info, check out the Wikipedia...\n. \n

What is a Mac address?

A MAC address (also called an Ethernet address or an IEEE MAC address) is a number (typically written as twelve hexadecimal digits, 0 through 9 and A through F, or as six hexadecimal numbers separated by periods or colons, i.e. 0080002012ef, 0:80:0:2:20:ef) which uniquely identifes a computer that h (MORE)

How do you find Mac address on MacBook?

Click the Apple menu at the top left of the screen; Click 'About This Mac'; Click the 'More Info...' button (this will launch 'System Profiler'); Click the 'Network' line item in the left column; Are you looking for the Ethernet address or the wireless address? In the right panel, under the 'Ether (MORE)

Finding mac address on asus eee PC 900?

The recommended operating system for the Asus Eee PC 900 is Windows8. As such, you can find the MAC address by launching commandprompt and typing â??ipconfig /allâ?? without the quotes andhitting enter. The MAC address will be listed next to PhysicalAddress.

What do you do with a Mac address?

The Media Access Control - MAC Address is a number, created by the manufacturer, which identifies your computer on a network. \n. \nIf you have a wireless network, for example, you may want to add the MAC address for each computer you want to connect to the network, and tell the router to only al (MORE)

Find Mac address for apple computer?

Two simple ways: 1. Using System Preferences: . Open System Preferences . Click "Network" . Select the interface from the list (e.g. "Ethernet" or "AirPort") . Click "Advanced" . Look through the tabs; one will contain the mac address. (If you're looking for the Ethernet interface, it will b (MORE)

How do You find the IP address of a mac?

Find Home Menu, highlight & select the Systems Settings Icon, select "Internet Settings", Tap "other information". Tap confirm MAC address, your systems MAC address will be displayed on the server.

How do you find the Mac address on a computer?

On Windows you can enter the command inetconfig /all. On Linux it's ifconfig -a. Or if it's another machine on the same subnet as your computer (that piece is important) then you can ping it and then run arp -a. That will show you resolved MAC addresses in cache.

How to find the mac address on my computer?

Open Command Prompt = start > Run > type in "cmd" > hit enter (without quotes on both) then type in "ipconfig /all" Look down the list till you see which connection you need [Wireless, ethernet etc] Your Mac Address will be labelled as "Physical Address"

Finding Mac address on Mac book pro?

Apple > About this Mac > More Info > Network > Ethernet It will be displayed below. Alternatively, you can check it through the terminal with the command: ifconfig en0 | grep ether

How do you get Mac address?

You don't "Get" one, because you already have one. A MAC Address uniquely identifies your computer's network interface card on the network. If you're asking how do you know what your MAC address is: Windows: Start>Run>type "cmd" in the black window that appears type "ipconfig /all" the MAC (MORE)

How do you find a MAC address of an IP address?

A media access control address ( MAC address ) is aunique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communicationson the physical network segment. Everything attached to anycomputer network has a permanent MAC address that moves with thehardware no matter where it is connected. IP address is (MORE)

How do you get your Mac address?

Open the Run dialog box (Start | Run...) and enter the word "cmd" (without quotes) to open the Command Window. From the Command Window, type in "ipconfig /all" (again, without the quotes). One of the lines on your display will show you the "Physical Address" and it will look something like this: " (MORE)

Finding the mac address of an hp laserjet 2015?

Usually you don't need the MAC address directly - except perhaps to improve the documentation in a large network.\n\n. If you know a device's IP address, you can do a ping command; before and after, compare the ARP cache - the one that shows assignments of IP addresses to MAC addresses. In Window (MORE)

How do you find your IP address in Mac OS X?

There are a lot ways to do this. We are going to talk about two of them. First one is more for the Terminal/Console people and of course the fastest one. You need to open Terminal application (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal) or other console type application like iTerm. Execute this line: (MORE)

Why do need to find the Mac address?

To find the MAC Address for you Network Interface Card (NIC) you need to follow the following steps: 1. Open you command prompt. 2. Browse to your root drive and type ipconfig/all and press enter 3. This command prompt command will display the MAC address of your PC' MAC address. Note: The above ste (MORE)

How do you find the Mac address on a MacBook?

Click the top menu Apple icon. Click 'About This Mac' Click 'More Info...' -The next click depend os with OSX you are using- In Mtn Lion, Click 'System Report' then click 'Network' and 'Ethernet' The MAC address will be next to Ethernet in the lower right pane. In other OSX versions, Cl (MORE)

How do you find my Lenovo laptop's MAC address?

This works with ALL WINDOWS COMPUTERS. Click start, then open Run... Type cmd and press enter When command prompt comes up, type 'ipconfig /all'. Find the network adapter that you are using. It says the MAC address there.

How do you find gateway address in Mac computer?

The Gateway is the connection between your home network and the ISP/Internet which, in a domestic set up, is usually via a router. In the network section of System Preferences with your network connection selected in the left hand pane click the Advanced... button in the bottom right corner of the r (MORE)

How do you find the gateway address on your Mac?

The Gateway is the point at which you connect to the Internet. This is usually done via a router. Select the Apple menu icon (top left corner) and then select About This Mac from the Menu. In the About This Mac window click the More Info button. In the left hand pane select Network and note the addr (MORE)

How can you check the MAC address of your Mac?

Here's a better answer then I can give: In addition, in Mac OS 10.3 and above, you can also go to: Apple menu/About this Mac/More Info, click on "Network",(then at the upper window in 10.5+) it will list every network-able item you have A (MORE)

How do you find Mac address on Mac air?

1. open up System Preferences. 2. select "network" 3. click "advanced" at the lower right 4. select the furthest right tab "hardware" your mac adress will appear at the top

Is Mac address hardware address?

99% of the time, yes. There is the ability on a network adapter to over-ride the mac-address that comes with it, but very rarely is that feature ever used. fm

How do you get my Mac address?

MAC is a layer 2 addressing scheme. Layer 2 schemes will not propagate beyond a router. So in general, from a network perspective, you will not see someones mac address past a router. If you are on the same subnet, you may be able to get this via an ARP request. If one was able to gain some sort o (MORE)

How do you find the MAC address of a LAN adapter?

If you are interested to find a MAC address this one depends on the type of network device. MAC Address in Windows 95,98,me can be display with winipcfg utility.but in xp Ipconfig.exe is used. This utility provides diagnostic information related to TCP/IP network configuration. Both 'winipcfg' (MORE)

Why Mac address when there is ip addresses?

A media access control address ( MAC address ) is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. Everything attached to any computer network has a permanent MAC address that moves with the hardware no matter where it is connected. IP addre (MORE)

How do you find mac address in windows mechine?

Media Access Control address is a unique identifier for that network card. Every network card in the world has a unique number. There are a few different ways to get this info from a Windows based PC. My preferred option is to open a Command Line shell - click on Start , then Run and type in CMD (MORE)

How do you get a MAC address?

Its is the physical address of the device printed by the company on the device and it is given in hexadecimal form

How do you you find a Mac address?

In Windows, hit start button and click run .......... Type in CMD and hit ok ........ In DOS Box type GETMAC and press enter. The MAC information for all installed network cards will be returned on the screen. KM

How do you find mac address on mabook pro?

Apple menu , upper left corner, scroll down to " About this Mac..... " then " More Info... " then look down the list for " Network ", it should have the MAC address listed. Also if you made " Locations " for your different networks or Wireless/ethernet connections then the ethernet and Wireless ca (MORE)

How do you find a MAC address on a Windows 8 laptop?

A MAC address is a unique identifier given to network devices whenrunning on a physical network. To find out the MAC address of anetwork device on a Windows 8 laptop press the key with the Windowssymbol on it to bring up the splash screen. Type in CMD and thenpress enter to bring up the command prom (MORE)

How do you find MAC Address in MacBook device?

Select About This Mac from theApple menu. . Select the System Report button in the window that comesup. . Select Network in the left column of the SystemInformation window. . Select the specific network interface listed in the SystemInformation window that you want (e.g. Ethernet, Wi-Fi) (MORE)

How do I find the MAC Address on an iPod iPhone or iPad?

Tap Settings . . Select General . . Then select About . . The MAC address is listed as WiFi Address . . Reference:",-iphone-or-ipod-touch"