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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has a "Life Insurance Company Location System" to help you find state insurance department personnel who might help identify companies that might have written life insurance on the deceased. NAIC's Life Insurance Company Location System - five questions, using your best guess if necessary, then click on the 'Create Suggested Contacts' link to view a list of State Insurance Departments that may be able to assist you with your search. - (external-apps.naic.org/orphanedpolicy)

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Have the owner or insured contact the company and ask.
Simply contact the insurance company and ask for the claims department. Explain to them the situation and they can tell you who the beneficiary is. They will be happy to settle a claim for you in most cases! You may also want to check and see if there is an agent listed as a contact within the paperwork you have and start there. Good luck!
Life insurance is a private transaction, the only people who need to know this information are the owner of the policy, the life insurance company, and the executor of the estate (if deceased).

The best way to find out is to ask the owner of the policy. If the life insurance company tells you, they are violating part of the trust the owner has in them. In fact, even if the insured/owner is recently deceased, companies should not confirm the beneficiary until after they receive a death certificate because any stranger could call up and ask.
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Can a minor be a beneficiary of a life insurance policy?

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How can you find out if you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy if the owner had died?

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Who can be a beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

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How do you go about finding out if you are named a beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

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What do you do when you find out you were the beneficiary of a life insurance policy but the policy has been paid out to someone who was not the beneficiary?

Send a certified letter to the insurance company explaining your claim and include a copy of the proof you have that you are the beneficiary. Keep in mind that beneficiaries c