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How do you find out if you have a tax lien on your house?

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Contact the city or county land records office or visit that office and check the index under your name.
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What happens to the lien when you buy a house with a lien on it?

The lien will remain on the property until you pay it or until the statute of limitations for that particular type of lien has passed. Property tax liens do not expire. Tha

Can you sell your house with a federal tax lien on it?

Not without satisfying the lien or you can subordinate a tax lien in order to sell the house. Sometimes, the IRS will allow you to do this, if they believe it will help you to

How can you find out if there is a lien on your house?

  Answer     To find out if there is a lien on your house, you can research this at your local register of deeds office and or research this with the local court

How do you find out if a lien has been placed on your house?

It is possible to go to the Register Of Deeds office at your county court house. Take along a tax bill or something else with the legal description of your property. Someone t

If there is a lien on your house can you sell the house?

The lien must be paid at the time of the sale. You can sell your house, but the title company will pay the lien out of your proceeds or require you to come to the table with t

How can you find out who put a lien on your house?

Visit the land records office in your jurisdiction and ask the staff to assist you in checking your name in the grantor index. Any liens should be indexed under your name and

If you have a lien on your house can they take your house?

  Answer     Theoretically it is possible to execute a lien as a forced sale of a primary residence. However, some states have laws that specifically forbid such

Tax Lien Foreclosure Process?

The tax lien foreclosure process is a great form of investing right. Purchasing tax liens and foreclosing on them gives you the ability to purchase properties at a fraction of

What is a tax lien or tax judgment?

A lien consists of a creditor applying a notice of amount due to any property a debtor may have. This amount must be paid before the property can be sold. A judgment happens

How to find tax lien property?

  There are programs and books with state-by-state guides on where to find tax lien properties and sales. Visit the link below for the website, Tax Sale/Lien Reviews, to l

What if a lien is on your house?

You can not sell your house or if you die your home will go to the people who have a lien on your home.The best thing to do is to pay off the lien which is usually someone or
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How do you remove an IRS tax lien?

  Answer     Tax liens will only be removed after they have been paid, been discharged through bankruptcy or the time to collect (statutes) have expired, or an a

What is a federal tax lien?

  A tax lien is when the IRS files a lien against a tax payer in the courthouse where the taxpayer lives. This lien will attach the the property the tax payer owns. The li

What are the requirements to bid on a tax lien?

There aren't any really specific requirements for bidding on a tax lien. You simply have to know what you are doing. There are some great programs and books out there that can