How do you find the homeowners insurance carrier for someone whose animal injured you?

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The easiest way is just to ask them. Bear in mind though that most homeowners insurance policies now exclude coverage for damage and injuries from pets. Fortunately though our mandated ACA compliant health care policy will cover the associated cost and it has no limit and it does not matter how or where the injury occurred.

Some homeowners purchase property coverage but do not purchase liability coverage, So there may or may not be coverage for your injury under the homeowners insurance policy. You will have to start a lawsuit and when you do (providing you were bitten by their animal or injured some other way) the lawyer or judge will find out the insurance information during something called disclosure and discovery. In the discovery process your attorney will learn if they have a homeowners insurance policy, if that policy has liability coverage and if the policy provides liability coverage for owned pets.

If they do have and the policy has liability coverage and pet injuries are covered under the policy then you may receive a judgement.

It would be much easier to just ask them first rather than have to sue first. Also bear in mind that an ACA compliant health insurance policy already covers such injuries.
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Where can you find homeowners insurance that allows ownership of exotic pets?

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Does your homeowners insurance cover you if you are injured on someone else's property?

No You would need to seek coverage under your medical insurancepolicy for accidental injuries. Homeowners insurance is for property and liabilities that may ariseout of home ownership. Home insurance does not replace medicalinsurance. If you think the property owner is liable through cause of inju (MORE)

Can the medical bills of someone injured on your property be covered by homeowners insurance?

They could be in some cases depending on how and why they were injured and what the relationship and residence status is to he named insured. Your homeowners medical coverage is specific to the named insured(s). Generally this is the home owner and resident family members. If someone else was (MORE)

How do you find out if someone has homeowners insurance?

Answer . You have to ask them. You can not find it out any other way legally as insurance information is protected under privacy laws.. If you have a claim to bring suit against a person then a court could order disclosure of a policy if one exists.

If your insurance company has changed carriers how do you find out who the carrier is?

Can you re-phrase the question?. As asked, it makes no sense.. They should notify you, send you a new ID card. You probably mean your employer, or if your Insurance Company was bought out.. If, in fact, you did mean your employer when you said "carrier", I suggest you contact your Human Resources (MORE)

How do you notify a homeowners insurance carrier of a dangerous dog?

You don't. If you are concerned about a dog in your neighborhood, it is better to try to prevent any possible injuries by calling the local dog warden. If you call the "homeowner insurance carrier", it is obvious that your only concern is in intervening in that homeowner's private insurance contract (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover contract laborers injured on ones property?

Employee injuries and Homeowners Insurance . NO, Your homeowners insurance policy does not extend coverage to your employees nor to the employees of a contractor performing services at your home. . The injured employee needs to look to the employers provided Workers compensation program or to thei (MORE)

A friend's dog accidentally injured my dog in my home Does homeowners insurance cover anything?

Your personal property coverage specifically excludes "animals, birds or fish". You could attempt to make a liability claim against your friend, and their liability coverage might apply, but that could have serious consequences for your friend's rates and future insurability. You'd have to consul (MORE)

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Want to find out someones car insurance carrier?

You cannot find out someone else's auto carrier. You cannot findout their Dentist either if you wondered. Privacy laws prohibitanyone from revealing this information to you. If they had anaccident with you their carrier will be listed on the accidentreport. Otherwise, ask them.

Someone who treats sick and injured animals?

Vets treat injured or sickly animals. There are some vets whospecialize in one species or another. It is always best to have avet for any pets and know they have the ability to treat themencase of a emergency.

Do standard homeowner insurance policies specify that in order to pay restitution to an injured person they must be able to prove negligence on the part of the homeowner?

Yes, it is not only a specified by your policy but it is alsorequired by law. Liability is defined by many statutes of law. Anattorney would be best source of advise on your legal liabiliy. All insurers have a legal duty to investigate a claim and determinethe insured's liability, if any, before pa (MORE)

How do you find your neighbors homeowners insurance for liability?

You will just have to ask them for the insurance information. there is no central registry or database for homes and the insurance companies that insure them. You should first determine if your neighbor even has Liability insurance. Not all homeowners purchase liability coverage with their insura (MORE)

Where can you find affordable homeowner insurance?

There are lots of options for companies who claim to offer the most affordable home owner insurance. Call a local insurance broker and they can work with you to identify many different options from a variety of insurance companies.

Where can you find homeowners insurance quotes?

There are many popular homeowners insurance websites like progressive, gieco, esurance, or travelers. It is helpful though to use a website like netquote to compare quotes from different companies.

Where can you find out if a house has homeowners insurance?

There is no central registry of people's homeowner's insurance. That said, there are a couple of ways to try to find the information. However, whether or not they will work may depend in part your motivation for knowing: 1. If, for example, you were hurt at someone's home due to their carelessnes (MORE)

Can you get homeowners insurance on someone elses property?

You must have an insurable interest to effect valid coverage. Property must be insured in the name of the owner. So if you wantto buy someone else a policy for their property you can certainlypay the bill for some else's property insurance but you can notinsure it in your own name. If you insured (MORE)

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Is homeowner insurance when some one helps the owner make repairs and gets injured?

Depends, homeowners insurance does have a liability section in it, and you are liable for the person helping you gets hurt, then yes, but if you are not liable then your insurance will not respond, here in ONtario there is a section in the liability called Voluntary medical payment where you can pro (MORE)

How do you file a claim against someone elses homeowners insurance?

Generally you don't. Homeowners insurance is property hazardinsurance that is specific to the "named insured" homeowner(s) fromcertain losses incidental to home ownership. If the homeowner agrees that he or she is liable for your loss, thehomeowner can just file a loss notice with his or her insure (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover a barn if their are animals in it?

It may, it really just depends on what kind of insurance policy you bought and whether your policy is a Farm and Ranch type policy or if you have the barn scheduled as a covered structure or not. You should contact your insurer or your insurance agent for clarification of your policy coverage.

Where can one find the cheapest homeowners insurance in Edmonton?

The Home Insurance Edmonton website is the primary provider locator geared specifically for customers in the Edmonton area. Home Insurance Edmonton offers quote comparison as well as information on types of home insurance and tips on finding the best rates.

What does it mean if your homeowners insurance carrier is not licensed by the Alabama Department of Insurance?

It just means they are not an "admitted" carrier. This required the insurance to be obtained through an insurance Broker. Your agent will usually obtain this coverage on your behalf. They sell a variety of types of coverages and policies so it is best to find an independent insurance agent to inform (MORE)

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