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Mass of an AppleWhat a tricky question! You can easily measure the WEIGHT of an apple... or the downward force the MASS of the apple excerts in it's gravitational field on earth.
Weight is a very good approximation of MASS... but to determine EXACT mass is something you'd not be able to do in the "backyard."
Weight and mass are considered equivilent on the earth's surface. That is something that weighs 1 kilogram on earth has one kilogram of mass. It will only weigh 160 grams on the moon but will still have 1 kilogram of mass. To estimate the mass of an apple without a scale is to see how much water it displaces.
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What is the mass of an apple in grams?

Some applemasses A small apple is about 100g. Larger ones might be twice that.Apparently the largest apple ever recorded was about 3lbs , whichis about 1360g. Using that same

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well depends what planet you are on the basic formulae is as follows weight = mass X gravitational field (gravitational pull) on each planet so depending on what planet you wi

The mass of an apple in pounds?

"Pound" is a unit of force. It's not a unit of mass. The mass of an apple depends on the individual apple. If it weighs, say, 8 ounces on Earth, then its mass is 0.5 poun

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