How do you find what songs are on your computer but not on your iPod and only upload those songs to your iPod?

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No matter what the music file format is, u can upload them to ur ipod if u convert them first.
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Can I get songs from my iPod onto my computer?

Answer . Actually, you can even without the use of third party software. With your ipod connected to your machine find the ipod, allow the folder to show hidden files, and open up your ipod folder. Copy "iPod_Control" onto your computer and have iTunes add that folder to your music collection, th (MORE)

How do you download songs to your iPod from the computer?

once you put the song that you want on to itunes then you plug in your iPod and then it should say...Bobs (not really bob but your name will be there) iPod with a picture of an iPod then it should download all by itself if not then i would get that checked! Then once its done you click that little p (MORE)

How do you download songs from an iPod to a computer?

Unless your ipod is hacked, it is not possible to download your library onto a computer. You could however, use your ipod as a thumb drive or a disk drive and physically place the song files you want moved onto it, and move them off onto the new computer.

Can you transfer songs from your iPod to your computer?

I know an iPod Transfer program. It will help you sync songs, movies, photos from iTunes to iPod, iPod to iPod, iPod to computer local disk. And also you can reference the iPod Manager, it not only can transfer files but also can create and edit the playlist for iPod or iPhone.

How do you upload songs from LimeWire onto an ipod shuffle?

First you open limewire and have itunes open as well but your looking at the limewire screen. Click on and highlight the downloaded song you want to transfer. Then drag it without letting go of the mouse button over the itunes rectangle near your start menu. It should pop up. Still not letting go of (MORE)

Can you put songs from your iPod onto your computer?

Yes you can. To put a song on your Apple device, you must first put it on iTunes. You can do that buy importing a mp3 file from your computer, or purchasing it from iTunes directly. Then you can sync iTunes with your device which copies the songs onto it.

How can I transfer songs from my computer to my iPod?

You can transfer songs from your computer to your iPod byconnecting your iPod to your computer with the iPod chord that youreceived when purchasing it. Once it is connected, simply drag thesongs from your library to your player.

How do you upload songs to an iPod?

You need to plug in the wire that came along with the iPod, go to iTunes, and buy the song, movie or video you want. You can also go to some other music website and buy or download music from there.

How do you upload a song to and ipod?

1. Go to 2. Go to Music at the top then search the song. 3. Click the song you like then click download. 4. Click save and save the song in my music.. 5. Make sure you have iTunes installed. Install if you don't. Then open my music and right click the song and click Open with < Itu (MORE)

How do you transfer songs from computer to ipod?

To transfer songs from a computer on to your iPod, u need to download itunes. from there once you have your music on your itunes, u should be able to connect your iPod to your computer using the "usb" cord. normally itunes will detect that a iPod is connected, it will show u the statistics of ur iPo (MORE)

How do you put songs from your computer on your ipod?

Make sure the songs are in iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, download it from Then Plug your cord into the iPod. Plug the USB end into your computer. Go to iTunes, then click on your iPod under devices. then click sync and wait.

To download songs from computer to ipod nano?

You can either use iTunes or an alternative manager. If you use iTunes, you need to know that it is the most widely used program to do this, but it is also very heavy and takes long time to open and sync your iPod. That's why I rather use an alternative application to add songs from my PC to my iTou (MORE)

How do take songs from ipod to computer?

You will plug in your iPod to your computer, and open the iPod software. Once you have done so you can save a song to your desktop (Usually right click) or try dragging and dropping the song to your desktop. It all depends on the software.

How do you put the songs on your iPod on your computer?

if you use a PC you can select show hidden files and folders in tools-folder options-view and then ghostly shades of files will appear on the ipod after you click on it then you can copy them to another file and change them to normal instead of hidden so itunes can use it and then move the regular f (MORE)

How do you upload songs from iPod to computer?

If you have the program Itunes, you should be able to just plug in your USB cord to your computer and your ipod at the other end, and everything you have in Itunes should sync onto the ipod.

How do you put songs on your apple iPod from my computer?

you have to download i-tunes and then you dont have to buy the songs you download frostwire and you put all the songs you want on frostwire den download the for free to your i-tunes then plug in ur APPLE i-pod using the sb cable that cane with it click download and there yi go :) hope it helped >>

How do you upload songs to your iPod manually?

\n. \n. \nplug your ipod into your computer and open itunes.\n. \non the left side your ipod icon should appear under the devices menu.\n. \nclick on your ipod icon.\n. \na new screen should pop up displaying your ipod type, memory, ect. \n. \nat the top of the new screen there is a music tab (MORE)

Will deleting songs from your computer after uploading them to your iPod prevent your computer from slowing down?

In most cases, no. Only if your hard drive is very full could this course of action affect your computer's performance, and even then the effect would be minimal. Not to mention that the next time you went to update the songs on your iPod, you would completely lose the songs you deleted. Computers s (MORE)

Add songs from an ipod to a new computer?

You can use an ipod to computer transfer program to help. I personally use this iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer. It helps me to transfer my songs/videos/photos/playlists etc from ipod to my new computer directly and safely. It works well for me. Free download it at: ipodtocomputercopy. It (MORE)

How do you transfer songs from ipod to a computer?

To transfer song from an iPod to a computer, you need to connectthe iPod to the computer and turn on the USB mass storage. Once,the USB mass storage has been turned on, the songs can then betransferred.

How do you transfer songs from a different ipod to your computer?

you can do this two ways, . 1.You can plug in the ipod and when the sync window opens,close it.Then open my computer,select your ipod and transfer your music manually . 2.Plug your ipod into the computer you set it up on.Rip the music on it onto a CD or flash drive,then put the CD or flash drive i (MORE)

How do you upload songs onto your Ipod?

If your using a CD to upload it. First insert the CD with your iPod connected to the computer. Then the CD should come up onto itunes. Next on the side of your computer it should say import CD. After it is uploaded into your library go to edit... select all... and drag it into your devices (or the f (MORE)

Can you transfer songs from your computer to a new ipod?

Yes, you can transfer songs from your computer to your new iPod. You first must have the latest version of iTunes, which can be download for Mac or PC from Once you have iTunes, you can easily import songs from your computer to your iPod.

How do you download songs from ipod touches to the computer?

You plug your Ipod in and go to iTunes then file at the top left of the page and scroll down to...transfer purchases from "(name of Ipod)"......then it will do it automatically for you. The songs will be located in your library and recently added.

Can you copy songs from your ipod to your computer?

If your songs have been purchased from the iTunes store, then yes. If the song was put on a CD that you don't have, then you cannot transfer it to your computer. If you want to transfer files from your iPod that have been purchased on iTunes, hook your iPod to your computer. Right-click on the iPod' (MORE)

Can you put songs from a ipod to a computer?

When you attach an ipod to a computer for the first time it will ask you if you want to manage your music automatically or manually. Automatically means that every time you hook up your ipod it will sync all the songs from your itunes library to the ipod and wipe out all songs on your ipod that are (MORE)

How do you load songs on your Ipod from another computer?

Well first do you have itunes or some other music place if you do you can get the white cord that comes with the ipod if you lost it you can just buy some.then you re ipod will show up on the computer then you click and drag songs to you re ipod on the computer (but before downloading songs you have (MORE)

How do you put songs from your computer onto your ipod?

To put a song on your Apple device, you must first put it on iTunes. You can do that buy importing a mp3 file from your computer, or purchasing it from iTunes directly. Then you can sync iTunes with your device which copies the songs onto it.

How can you put only your songs on your ipod?

I have my iPod Nano, and when I made my account, it had those free songs for our account. When I plugged in my iPod to get my songs I bought, it also added the free songs. I didn't want them! Help me!

How do you take Christmas songs off your IPod and put them back on at Christmas time and only play those songs?

The easy way to do what you want to do is to make a file called Christmas songs and list the songs in that file. It will stay on your IPod, but you just don't listen to them. You could also go in Itunes and uncheck the songs in your library that are Christmas songs. Do a sync of your library to your (MORE)

How can you transfer songs from your ipod to computer?

Here are the instructions on how to transfer songs from your ipod to computer on windows Vista: Start by connecting the iPod to computer using an Apple iPod USB. If iTunes opens and asks you to sync your iPod with the iTunes library click NO. Next, open My Computer on Windows computers and look for (MORE)

Why does your iPod only play half of songs?

Idk my ipod does the same thing and i cant figure it out. Some other things say to right click on the song then go to get info then click on options and see if start and stop time are correct but ive done that and it still does it. Im just gona take mine back to the store and see if they can figure (MORE)