How do you find what your number one played song on iTunes?

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Search for the Itunes Charts tat will give you their listing
If its for your own most played then; Go to your iTunes (or, or whatever equivalent music service you use) and sort by play count.
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You are trying to get non-purchased songs from one iTunes library to iTunes on another computer how can you do this?

Answer Guess I just made the short - sighted mistake of updating my iTunes software to the latest version!! Guess now I have to wait till the hackers play leapfrog again. Annoying thing is I own both computers (one home, one business) & just want the same collection on both. Am I asking too much?? (MORE)

How do you get songs on iTunes?

First you need an iPod. Download iTunes on your computer if you don't have it.(Go to Hook your iPod up to your computer and ya!

Why does Itunes play one song and then stop?

Make sure that all the boxes next to the songs are checked. Un-checked songs will not play automatically, only manually.. Make sure that all the boxes next to the songs are checked. Un-checked songs will not play automatically, only manually.

What are all the songs played in iTunes iMac iPhone commercials?

\nYou can find the song name at the bottom of the QuickTime screen when viewing the ads online at the Apple website. If they are not displayed there, you should try listening to the ad and pick out a few key lines and do a song search. Or, you can send an email to Apple requesting this information.\ (MORE)

Why can't you play your songs on iTunes?

Well you know sites with songs on them and how it is illegal to download them? Well I think the reason is because of people downloading them from you. Make seance? Well true you can download things on iTunes, but well maybe since you already downloaded them and they are yours, the people who run ITU (MORE)

What is the longest lasting number one hit in iTunes?

i looked it up and the song "some where over the rainbow" by Vince Esquirre was the number one hit on itunes for 6 months. here is the website. hope i helped

How much does one song cost on iTunes?

$.99-$1.29 for songs, $1.49-$1.99 for videos. . It really depends on what songs you buy. There are one or two free songs each week on iTunes. I have also seen songs for $0.69. Most songs cost either $0.99 or $1.29.

How do I make a song of iTunes play on Windows Movie Maker?

Okay, so you want to go into iTunes first. Click Edit---> Preferences---> Advanced, and look at the place where your iTunes files are located. Then, go back into your movie maker project and click Add Music. It will bring up all of the places in your computer that you can get music from. Go to the p (MORE)

How do you delete more than one song at a time on iTunes?

I was once annoyed with duplicate songs in my iTunes library.Luckily I found a professional tool to delete them all at a time.Here you can follow the steps below to achieve it: 1. Download Music Cleanup and run it on your computer. Click"Start Scan" and all music in your iTunes library will be load (MORE)

How do you find how many songs you have on iTunes?

To find the number of songs stored in iTunes click on the Music library (usually at the top of the left hand pane) and details will be given along the bottom of the iTunes window - How many songs, how long to listen to them all, and the amount of space used to store them. If you click on the text i (MORE)

How do you get songs from iTunes?

1. Open iTunes. 2. Create an account. 3. Go to the iTunes store. 4. Search for the songs you want. 5. Click "buy" 6. Enjoy your music. OR 1. Find the song you want on you're computer. 2. Right click it and got to "open with... iTunes." 3. Enjoy your music.

How can you find out how many songs you have got on your iTunes?

Highlight the Music library (top left) and in the middle of the bar at the bottom of the iTunes window it will tell you how many songs are in the library and how long it will take to play them all. If you click on the text it will tell you exactly how long you will need to listen to them in Days:Hou (MORE)

Where can you find the song Play With you - Bootsy and Friends it was on MLB 2006 but its not on Itunes?

There are some sites, such as, that lets you download and send songs to your phone, and download them on the computer, and go to the ipod from there. There are also sights out there, and they are not very trustable. There are, however, sites that are completely free, yes- FREE, that wi (MORE)

Can DSI play iTunes songs?

Yes but need your effort. You shall remove iTunes music songs protection and then transfer to Nintendo DSi.

How can you find Fruits Basket songs on iTunes?

No, but I have found sites to download some of the songs. But I forget what they were. Sorry :( Just look it up, but I have all the songs from the anime on my ipod. I know and had the piano version of the theme song, which was pretty. But there are websites, I just can't (MORE)

Can iPod play non- iTunes songs?

Yes, the iPod will play .mp4 and .mp3. .mp4 files are iTunes songs as you originally downloaded them, and .mp3 files are either converted files that you converted in iTunes or files that you did not get through iTunes. The iPod supports a variety of audio formats: AAC, Protected AAC (from iTunes (MORE)

Can you download songs from itunes and play them on another phone?

The other phone must be an iOS device. (iPod, iPhone, iPad). To play them on another phone, download them from iCloud. If you don't have an iOS device the situation is complicated and might not be understood by qualified people. 1) You have to connect your iPad to your PC and find the music and vide (MORE)

How do you move songs from one album to another on itunes?

Select one of the songs you wish to move. Right-click and select Get Info. Select the Info tab and delete everything apart from the name, then fill in the album name that you want, but nothing else. Select OK and that song should be moved to the new album. Select the next song that you wish to move. (MORE)

How do you syncronize more than one song on itunes?

Hold the Shift key and click on the first song in your list that you want to move or synch. Keep holding the Shift key and then click the last song that you want to move. This should have highlighted all of the songs in between, and including, the ones you clicked on. You can now let go of shift (MORE)

How do you import itunes songs into presonus studio one?

Well I've just got the 1Box and love it already! It's quite easy: First go to a website that coverts songs to wav. I recommend... follow the instructions once it's downloaded do this: Song>import file (if you're on a mac the keyboard shortcut (MORE)

How do you edit song numbers in iTunes?

You can change the numbers allocated to songs by right clicking on a song and selecting Get Info... from the menu that appears. In the Info window select the Info tab and change the number in the Track Number section.

How can you transfer songs from one itunes to another?

usb memory stick if you are trying to put songs on a computer through and ipod or iphone it wont work You can also try to transfer the entire library manually, or using a software. Both ways are explained in the Kioskea FAQ.

Can you trade a purchased song on itunes for a different one?

hey this was my question. c i got the song dance by bg sean and nicki minaj and i only heard the beging when i got the clean version and its clean but @ the beging it doesnt say dance it says the other word 3x and then it say dance but i checked and there was a better clean version and i dont want 2 (MORE)

How do you find the song maui wowie by kid cudi on itunes?

Well in my words The Song Maui Wowie came out into the debut album "A Kid Named Cudi" of course by Kid Cudi anywho it came out in 2008 so in best words it was Kid Cudi's intent to not put it up on the iTunes cause more people notice of of the internet so its not that hard to comprehind

Were can you find the kingdom hearts theme song on iTunes?

Unfortunatley, it is not available for purchase. However, there are recordings of it on places such as YouTube. I'm not suggesting you do this, but I also know there are websites dedicated to converting YouTube to mp3. It's illegal! Ad frowned upon! Dont do it! (I am obligated to say that. D with it (MORE)

Can one find the Mustang Sally band music on iTunes?

The music from the band Mustang Sally may be found on iTunes. All of their hits are available for 99 cents per song. There are sometimes promotions that offer songs for a cheaper price using discount codes.

Where might one find lyrics to the song 'Number 1'?

There are several websites that one can find lyrics to the song "Number 1" including AZ Lyrics and Metro Lyrics. One can also go to YouTube and listen to the song, while the lyrics play simultaneously.