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How do you find what your number one played song on iTunes?

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You go on your computer, you go to songs, there should be a colum of how many times you've played that song
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Why does Itunes play one song and then stop?

  Make sure that all the boxes next to the songs are checked. Un-checked songs will not play automatically, only manually.   Make sure that all the boxes next to the so

Why can't you play your songs on iTunes?

Well you know sites with songs on them and how it is illegal to download them? Well I think the reason is because of people downloading them from you. Make seance? Well true y

How much does one song cost on iTunes?

$.99-$1.29 for songs, $1.49-$1.99 for videos. It really depends on what songs you buy. There are one or two free songs each week on iTunes. I have also seen songs for $0.69.

How do you play a song on iTunes on a MacBook?

  Select a song you want to hear from your Music Library and click on the Play button, or double click the song's title, or press the Space bar to play the song.

How can you find out how many songs you have got on your iTunes?

  Highlight the Music library (top left) and in the middle of the bar at the bottom of the iTunes window it will tell you how many songs are in the library and how long it

Where can you find the song Play With you - Bootsy and Friends it was on MLB 2006 but its not on Itunes?

There are some sites, such as www.tonzr.com, that lets you download and send songs to your phone, and download them on the computer, and go to the ipod from there. There are a

How can you find Fruits Basket songs on iTunes?

No, but I have found sites to download some of the songs. But I forget what they were. Sorry :( Just look it up, but I have all the songs from the anime on my ipod. I know muz

Can iPod play non- iTunes songs?

Yes, the iPod will play .mp4 and .mp3. .mp4 files are iTunes songs as you originally downloaded them, and .mp3 files are either converted files that you converted in iTunes or

How do you edit song numbers in iTunes?

You can change the numbers allocated to songs by right clicking on a song and selecting Get Info... from the menu that appears. In the Info window select the Info tab and chan