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How do you fix Christmas lights when a whole row will not work?

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Fix Christmas Lights most off the time it is the fuses. they are in the plug most have 2 slots that slid out where the fuse are located just replace the fuses and that should take care of your problem. however 90% of the time this is not the issue.
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How do you fix a 96 Corsica with day running lights that have no headlights working?

  Answer   You need basic electrical troubleshooting skills. There are so many possibilities that I wouldn't know where to start without having the car in front of me

How do you fix instrument cluster lights that do not work on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Do parking/tailights work? Check fuse Dimmer rheostat has an open circuit? Bulbs burned out? in your fuse box (IMP) beside battery there is a row of 6 green box fuses wit

How do you fix dashboard lights on 1999 Toyota Solara if gauges work but not the lights?

You may want to check the integration board located on the back side of fuse box,When this goes bad do to some kind of short the dash and dome lights will go out ,but gauges c

How do Christmas bubble lights work?

  A bubble light is a decorative device consisting of a liquid-filled vial that is heated and lighted by an incandescent light bulb. Because of the liquid's low boiling po

What to do about the non working ylecl Christmas tree light connector?

The answer was simple. Simply detach the foreign made ylecl branched light connector. Replace the light connector with an American made extention cord. Simple easy, THE FREAKI

How do you fix brake lights that don't work The 3rd brake light functions but the tail light bulbs don't when the brakes are applied They do function as tail lights but not when the brake is applied?

    Answer       Probably bulbs. There are 2 filiments that are in the tail/brake lights. One for the tail and a second brighter one for the brake. Try

Why do we have Christmas lights?

I found this article on the internet explaining why we have Christmas lights Something about the glowing colors tells us that it's time to greet a new holiday season and spre

Why is my saints row the third not working?

Is probley because its sckrached or broken.To fix it go to gamestop and ask to fix it then they will fix it good luck. Hey! i have the same problem and someone says that we ne

The daytime running lights on my 1996 Chevy Silverado do not work Can you tell you what to check to fix them?

Fuses might need checking   A good place to start is your fuses and then check the actual lights.   I had that problem too, it might be the DRL module under the dash t

How do you fix the interior lights of a 1992 SC if they dont work but the fuses are good?

  Answer   Sometimes the light switch will wear and ground out, which then u need to replace it. But 1st check all your door switches, you know the little retractable

How do you fix AU 1999 falcon sedan stop light switch that is not working?

You need a flashlight and pliers. Crawl under the dashboard. On top of the brake pedal you see the switch and the push rod. Remove the yellow clip. Slide the switch sideways,

How do you fix brake lights that don't work when headlight are on but are on when the headlights are off?

I had a problem once with my 97 Ford F 150 where the brake lights were reversed. On all the time except when I pushed on the pedal on the wires that went to my boat trailer.

Why do some Christmas lights still work when one bulb has blown?

its because they are in a parallel circuit not a series one. basically if one light blows, it allows the same amount of electricity to flow to the rest of the circuit :) hope