Fix a shorted car battery?

if you short a batt, the sparks would make you stop shorting it. test the battery or install it correctly. if every thing works your lucky no damage happend. lol I doubt t (MORE)

How do you fix a short fringe?

Basically, if you have a short fringe.. The obvious solution would be to grow it out.. If you're looking for a quick fix.. You can buy clip in fringes.. (no link, just googl (MORE)
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How do you fix your really short bangs?

Okay the same thing happened to me just yesterday and after searching the web for a while i found that there are a number of things you can do. . pin them back . if they a (MORE)

How do you fix an automotive short circuit?

A short circuit would result with a blown fuse. Examine the fuse panel and determine which fuse is blown. Most fuse panels will have the fuses labeled to determine which fuse (MORE)

How do you fix a short in a Pocket Rocket?

Hi, if you mean an electrical short, then you first need to find where it is coming from. I would give all the wires and visual inspection and if that doesn't work, it is best (MORE)