How do you fix door ajar dinging and locks going up and down on a Dodge Caravan when driving?

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'95 dodge caravan: check the door switches. Mine had the same problem and I found it to be the switch on the sliding door. It is a plunger type switch. At first I used double sided tape with a quarter to silence it until I could get the switch and replace it.

2001 Dodge Caravan: mine had the door ajar warnings, dinging, and dome light on and off in an intermittant way, when least expected, and often at night. Drove us crazy, and there aren't any plunger-style switches as described above for the '95. '01 appears to use magnetic proximity switches inside the door panels or otherwise not easily accessible. I solved my problem by first disconnecting the sliding door connectors, found on the inside bottom of the sliding door and accessible when slider door is opened, which allowed me to isolate the problem to one of the sliders (can't help locate the connector if the front hinged doors are your problem, but I suspect they use similar lock/sensor/connector configurations). I was then able to then further isolate the door sensor wire to pin 2 of the 4 pin connector (as labeled on the side of the connector). This connector is secured to the door with plastic anchors you want to gently pull so they don't break, and the connector you want to open has an external blue tab pushed to the side, after which you push on a black blade to open the connector: Pin 1&2 = lock/unlock; pin 4 = chassis gnd. I don't like cutting wires (in case I need to later reconsider), so you can remove individual pins from the chassis side of the connector by removing the front and rear blue rubber moisture seals, then from the front of the connector, gently lifting the side tab while exerting modest pulling from the rear - the pin will slide right out, and you can fold it back and tape it to the harness for the day in the future that someone describes exactly where the sensor is! As my problem was intermittant, it may be that wiring inside the door is the culprit, but I was happy to just get the infernal dinging and dome light to stop while preserving the automatic door lock/unlock.
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I have found that this problem is caused by a faulty door jam sensor. Usually the sliding door sensor is the problem. All you have to do if it is the sliding door is replace t