How do you fix rough coping around pool?

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Fill it with water so skateboarders quit using it.
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What is the best way to renew the worn finish of aluminum coping around a 30 year old pool?

%REPLIES%. Answer . Hi Susan:\n. \nI have a 'Water Warehouse' catalogue that has coping paint in aerosol cans. It comes in white only. It takes 4 12oz cans to do a 20x40

Is it possible to replace the aluminum coping around an old inground vinyl pool with pavers or some other more attractive treatment?

Answer . Yes. Replace the existing coping with a horizontal aluminum liner receiver track by either Cardinal or Cinderella. These tracks are very small in height so you ca

What can you use to clean the concrete coping around an inground pool?

%REPLIES%. Answer . Try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Just dip it in the pool water and wipe it down. You don't need any chemicals at all.. Answer . Try a powerwasher with

How can you fix swimming pool copping COPING?

Here's a link to a page that a group of skate boarders put up that describes how to build your own coping: You might

How can you fix tiles that are rough and cause injury without removing the water from your pool?

Answer . Removing the tiles and old grout is a dirty and difficult job with the water still in the pool. It has been done. It is just as difficult to install the new tiles

What works best to seal stone coping around swimming pool to stop flaking?

Answer . The only coping that I have seen that "flakes" is slate. If that is what you have, that is the nature of the stone. It can be sealed against stains, even sealed wi

What can be done to fix cracks in coolcrete around your pool?

If the cracks are not serious, buy some concrete filler that comes in a tube and you apply of with a chaulking gun. It is gray colored silicone that works extremely well.. If

What is the caulking that goes around your pool coping?

I own a caulking company, we caulk over 200 pools a season in the mid atlantic. The caulking we use is a two part poly urathane caulk. You can use a one part polyurathane caul

Can flagstone be used as coping in pool?

Yes, Rocky Mountain Quartzite flagstone from Northern Stone Supply, Inc. has been used in hundreds and thousands of pool jobs. Call NSS at 208-862-3353 and we'll get you in to

How do you fix a leak around fiberglass steps in an in ground pool?

It's very hard to fix a leak of anything that is still wet, because few adhesives work at all well on a wet surface (and those that do are generally reserved for medical uses)