How do you fix the brakes on the back of a mongoose rebel bmx bicycle?

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The brake setup varies depending on the model of the bike (i.e. what year it was produced in) however it is usually just a standard brake setup... When looking at the handlebars you will see the brake lever (the one you pull to apply the brakes) the rear one is located on the left hand side. Attached to this will be a cable, this cable consists of the black sleeve and inner wire, when you pull on the lever it should pull the inner wire through the cable. Follow this cable down the bike to the rear calipers, these are two brake arms with pads on them that should rub on the rim of the back wheel when you pull on the lever. Since I do not know what your exact problem is with the brakes I suggest you do the following check: 1) make sure that the cable is well lubricated. and slides through the housing easily. 2) the pads are alligned with the rim so that when pulled in they are touching the metal. 3) the pads do not touch the rim unless you are pulling on the lever Finally make sure that the rim is clean of any grease and muck and that the brake pads are clean as well, this make it easier for them to grip the wheel. Try lightly rubbing the pads with some sandpaper to make them grip better. I hope this helps, Good Luck BMX RULES
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How do you fix a bicycle?

Depends on what's wrong with it, which there's no way for us to figure out based on what you'vre written. I'll post a couple of links where you can do your own research.

How do BMX Brakes Work?

bmx brakes are usually standard caliper brakes.. they can also be found on 26" bikes and other bikes, they are less powerful than v brakes and disc brakes. there are 4 parts to the brake, the brake lever (handlebars) the brake cable, the brake calipers and the brake pads. the pads are on eit (MORE)

Is a mongoose spin a good bmx bike?

No Mongoose Bikes are made very cheap and are not good at all. I ride BMX and am sponsored by a few companies such as coalition. If You Want A GOOD bike go to an authorized bike shop and get eastern bikes, oddysey bikes, animal bikes, fit bikes, Sunday bikes, demolition bikes, bully bikes, coalition (MORE)

How do you fix a crooked bmx back tire?

Well, if it's the tire that's crooked you deflate it a bit, wiggle it into place, and inflate it again. If it's actually the rim that's gone crooked it's another deal entirely. Type "wheel trueing" into any search engine and see what oyu get.

What do bicycle brakes do?

Bicycle brakes allow the rider to slow down in a controlled mannerand with out undue wear on the tires.

How do you fix bmx handlebars?

To fix BMX handlebars, you might need to bend the handlebars backto their correct position. You might also need to tighten the boltthat anchors the handlebars to the bike. Fixes will vary dependingon what is wrong with the bike.

How do you get more cable for your bmx brakes?

You buy bicycle brake cables, either from a bicycle store, or from an internet source. If you need to be told this you probably need to be told how to install them as well, so go look at, or

Can you have 1 brake on a bmx?

yes you can have one brake . some people have a back and front and some people ride with none like me . its all down to you personal likings.

What is the lightest bmx bicycle?

Some exotic bmx minis and micros have been built that weigh less than 8 pounds- these would be for four to six year olds who race BMX. Typical minis will weigh from 12.5 to 15 pounds ranging in price from $2000 custom built to $300 stock model. Damon Sprague showed a custom built micro mini at t (MORE)

Is it better to have brakes on a bmx bike?

Alot of people say brakes are for fakes, but they are nice to have every once and a while. I would probably be dead 5 times over if i didn't use brakes, it depends what you are doing either street or dirt tracks. It is better to have brakes on street.

Why do bicycles have brakes?

Brakes help a bicycle to stop, of course --- but do you know why? it's because brakes use friction. When you squeeze the brakes, rubber blocks press against the wheels. The friction between the blocks and the wheels slow your bicycle down.

How do you make a bmx brake better?

clean rims with rubbing alcohol and brillo pad/scotch brite . get new brake pads . have a look at your cabling, cables and cable sheaths should be as short as possible while still making smooth bends.

How if dont have holes for brakes on your mongoose bmx?

Then it's probably intended for vert/flatland or some other form of trick riding where brakes generally aren't used. Depending on if it has a brake bridge in place or not it might be possible to drill it for brakes. You won't have any cable stops so you'll have to run full cable sheaths all the way (MORE)

Can a bmx have feet brakes?

Yes, you can have a foot brake AKA coaster brake on a BMX. But it'snot that common, apart from on bikes most intended for kids doingcasual riding. For dedicated riding, people prefer hand-operated brakes, as theymake it faster to get back on power after braking.

Do bmx bikes have brakes?

Depends. Race bikes tends to have only a rear brake. Bikes for vert riding (lots of jumps) tend not to have brakes. Bikes mainly intended for other kinds of trick riding might not have brakes either. If you ever plan to ride you bike in traffic, brakes are often a legal requirement as well as b (MORE)

How do you fix back rim on bmx bike?

Depends on what's wrong with it and what kind it is., and all have info on how to fix your bike.

Do bmx bikes have peddle brake?

They CAN have, but usually not. If you're racing having to backpedal would take precious time, and you'd lose even more before you can go on power again. If you're doing tricks a pedal brake can mess with your ability to roll backwards. But if you want a BMX for casual riding it's no trouble buildin (MORE)

How do you fix the brakes on BMX?

Depends on what's wrong with it - which we can't figure out from your question. I'll post a couple of helpful links on bike maintenance and repairs. There should be a bolt that secures a wire. Untighten that bolt. Pull the wire until the brake is near the rim of the wheel. Hold that wire there wile (MORE)

Can you do bmx tricks without brakes?

Absolutely, the best riders all ride brakeless. But, if you ride on the road brakes can save your life. In most places they're even required by law.

Is mongoose a good brand of bmx?

yeah. mongoose has two sectors. one makes crappy bikes that are sold at walmart, target, meijer, etc. but the other sector makes pro bikes that are just about as good as cult, united, and stolen.

How do you remove the gear shifter on a mongoose bicycle?

There's really not much point in that, unless you simultaneously replace the rear wheel with a single speed wheel and add some chain guides. But if you insist: unhook shifter cable by the shifter and pull it out. Pull grip(s) off handlebar. Loosen Allen screw on underside of shifter clamp. Pull shif (MORE)

Is a rebel mongoose a bmx?

yes but not a very good one.weighs about can get a way better bike around $300 that will last a lot longer and weighs a lot less.

What is the price of a bmx bicycle?

If you're looking for a good bmx, It really depends on the type of riding you do. If you race BMX, you probably want something like a Standard Byke Co BMX or a Free Agent. Standard is hand made in Davenport, Iowa. USA. If you are into flatland, A WeThePeople (WTP) or a Fly BMX may suit you bette (MORE)

What size chain does a mongoose d60r bicycle have?

Just count the number of sprockets at the rear hub, then look/ask for a chain for that number of speeds. Keep in mind that all chains are sold long, and usually have to be cut to size when fitted. If you haven't got a chain breaker tool yourself you might as well have the store replace the chain whi (MORE)

How was the bmx bicycle originally made?

Pretty much the same way most bikes are built. Thin-walled steel pipes are cut to length and mitered, and the joined together by welding or brazing. Rims are made by either steel strips or alloy extrusions rolled into hoops and joined together, then laced to hubs. Cranks are usually forged.

Who makes mongoose bicycles?

Mongoose, like most other department store bikes, is made by Pacific Cycle. They make most any of the low cost bike you'll find in places like Walmart, Target and some sporting goods stores. So, if you're looking for a good bike, go to a bike shop

Where can a person go to buy BMX cycles made by Mongoose?

Depending on the amount of money the person wants to spend and the specific type of the cycle, the BMX cycles made by Mongoose can be bought online on numerous websites such as eBay, Mongoose BMX Bike Direct, Chain Reaction Cycles or Evans Cycles etc.

Where can one purchase GT BMX bicycles?

The easiest way in order to find possibilities to purchase GT BMX bicycles would be to use the store locator functionality available on the official web site. This store locator can be found in the upper right corner on the homepage "GTbicycles". It is entitled "Find a Dealer".

Where online can one purchase a Mongoose BMX bike?

One can order them from the website Amazon, for instance. Amazon is a huge store that offers pretty much everything one could ever want or need. They are very reputable, safe and have been in business for many years. One could also order a Mongoose BMX bike from the official Mongoose website. The of (MORE)

What is the number one brand of BMX bicycle?

There are too many perfectly decent bmx makers for that to bereliably answered. . For the same kind of money, you very much get the same qualitybike regardless of brand. . One might have a better frame. Another has better wheels. Whichyou think is better depends on personal preference rather thana (MORE)