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If you have an outside dog cut your grass. The flea may then die off. Then give your dog a bath with hot water. They will not like it but it will help greatly. Once your dog is flea-free you should give him a bath at least every 2 - 3 months. Flea bites should go away in time. If not you can buy a flea killer at a pet store.

Chemical flea shampoos are available today. If you're worried it might harm your pooch's skin, you can try natural alternatives. Some people use gentle soap and water. A paste made from Terramin clay or bentonite and water also works well. Other natural products you can use include:
  • Neem oil - This plant's bark and leaves have anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antiviral and antifungal compounds. Mix an ounce of it with four to six ounces of water and two or three ounces of white vinegar. Drench your dog with water then apply the mixture. To disperse the neem oil further, you can brush your dog.
  • Red or white vinegar - It's germ-killing properties works great on dogs, and it's very safe to use. Just add four cups to your bath water. Make sure it doesn't get in your pet's eyes, though.
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How do you get rid of fleas in the yard?

The yard has to be treated in it's entirety, either power spray, some kind of granular or diatamacheous earth in a hand spreader.

Does vinegar get rid of fleas?

Vinegar does get rid of fleas.If you have a dog you can use  vinegar, such as in the bath, applying directly to your pets fur or  skin, or even in their drinking water (dogs

How do you get rid of fleas in the home and animals?

The animals you can have flea dipped or use a flea shampoo. the home is a bit more tricky, as basically you have to vacuum thoroughly and treat all plush surfaces, carpets & f

How can you get rid of fleas?

Treat your pets with frountline or advantage,they seem to work the best. Spray your carpets and furniture with an aerosol that contains a IGR (insect growth regulator). This t

How do you rid dogs of fleas naturally?

To get rid of fleas in your house, couch, pet bed, ect., mix equal parts of baking soda & salt. Sprinkle anywhere you don't want any more fleas, wait a few hours up to overnig

Does vacuuming everyday get rid of fleas?

Vacuuming every day is certainly essential in keeping your home free of fleas and their eggs, but you need more aggressive measures to rid the home completely. I would suggest

How do you get rid of fleas on your rabbit?

Do not ever wash your bunny it could kill him . Instead spray the rabbits cage/hutch with flea spray and don't let the rabbit in for 24 hours. Brush it with a flea comb daily

Dog allergic to fleas how do i get get rid of the fleas?

I suggest Advantage, I work at Vet. clinic and we see Advantage work really well. Stay far away from Hartz as those flea treatments are repeatedly proven dangerous. And I pers

How can one get rid of fleas in the house?

One can get rid of fleas in the house by using many different simple methods. Some of the methods that one can use to get rid of the fleas in one's house are: using heat, keep

What gets rid of fleas?

  With an experience, I've learned that dawn antibacterial soap is THE best way to get rid of fleas.. even better than frontline. And not only is it the best, but you can

How do you get rid of fleas on humans?

Fleas cannot survive on humans, though they do bite us. Flea's also drown so after bathing you should be fine. If you have fleas due to a pet the best course of action is to

How do you get rid of ticks and fleas?

The only way through which we can prevent fleas is maintaining hygiene of the pet and proper grooming. The place where you pet plays, lives, sleeps or roams should be super c

How do you get rid of black fleas in your home?

One of the most effective things you can do is to vacuum daily.  Vacuum the carpets, furniture, mattresses, and other soft places  they can hide.    You can also try

What product will get rid of fleas in yards?

Once a month during the hot summer months, my landscaper puts  agricultural lime powder on the grass in my yards and we see  virtually NO fleas on us, the dog or in the hous

How do i get rid of fleas?

If they are in the house and you have carpet that is usually what  is infested. Walk around in white socks barefoot and see if you  pick any up. Launder bedding.Spray it (ca