How do you get 10000 coins in Club Penguin?

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If your an HONEST PENGUIN user you would make coins best by:
  • spend it on hows items
  • ask other peoples password
  • play puffle round up

Please be an appropriate penguin user - don't hack and cheat!
But if you want to cheat go to:
From here you can download coins online without downloading programs
If you want to you can also download programs like money maker.

Also you can..

Play games
Use money maker( you can go to this link, choose your computer type and get free money without getting banned!

Also... if your computer is not a mac, you can use Club Penguin Storm, where you can also get cool hacks and money without getting banned(most of the time, about 95%)
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How do you really get 10000 coins in Club Penguin?

To get 10,000 coins in Club Penguin for your penguin, play the minigames that are all around the island. Now, we have Money Maker. It can earn you 100,000 coins at one time in one use. It is really simple and easy- it's free and no viruses! If you would like to be safe, if you have Norton, use Norto (MORE)

Clab penguin coin 10000?

The highest you can get is 9999 coins. Sorry! That's not the highest you can get! I have 181244. I think the most you can have is a million. Just keep playing or search for "clubpenguin moneymaker" in a search engine.

How do you get coins in Club Penguin?

If your new in Club Penguin your coins are 0 so you need to earn them. But how? First: Play Games in Club Penguin. Secound: If ur done with playing you will recive coins. Third: Buy anything you want if your coins are enough to buy the item ( If your a member,you can buy anything you want. )

How can you get free coins in Club Penguin?

If you want free coins, you are going to have to earn them yourselves! You can not go off trying to cheat, Club Penguin is supposed to be fun. Although when you cheat you ruin it!Earn them yourselves!

Where can you get free club penguin coins?

Go to penguin storm. OR visit also I heard that the owner is giving 5,000 coins to people for a few days or something. Good luck!

Who has the most coins on Club Penguin?

ANSWER! There is no one person with the most coins on Club Penguin, but the coin limit is 1,000,000 coins. Because that's how much I have and when I play games and get 471 point I get no coins because you can't go over 1 million coins. NEW UPDATE! I have over I million coins but the nobody knows (MORE)

How do you donate coins on club penguin?

Actually to donate coins there is a event once a year in the month of December. To donate your coins, go to one of the coin stations in the plaza or forest and click on what you want to donate your coins to.

What are the coin codes on Club Penguin?

Coin codes are codes you get when you purchase club penguin toys like "Mix 'N' Mach Figures" or Club Penguin plush toys. The code is in a sealed bag. Here's the type of club penguin stuff that have coin codes: Penguin Plush -Target, Toys 'R' Us, Walmart, Disney Store, Walt Disney World, Disney Lan (MORE)

Club Penguin coins?

Go to,go to the top of the home page.Near the right side there is "Money Maker".Download the latest version,(that should be the only one available anyways) then run it.Do NOT close Money Maker,click "Run" then the rest is easy. The most coins you can download is 2000 coins per 11 (MORE)

Is there a easy way on club penguin to get 10000 coins?

play all of the levels on the jet pack game without getting any coins and do this 10 times and you will have 10,000 coins. Note: you need to be a member to do this. And look for me on club penguin I'm always on, Pie0003 is my club penguin name :) hope this helped

How do you get 10000 cions in club penguin?

Work hard. Play lots of Cart surfer, that game gets you the most coins, here's some tips for that game, keep alternating down arrow, jump(back flip) with jump, left arrow(spin jump), if you do the same trick more then once in a row it only gives you half points. There are a few cheats, but none of t (MORE)

Coin cheats on Club Penguin?

1000000 coin cheat: I will tell you this in step formation... 1. Go to the coffee shop 2. Go to the bean game and just before the box that asks you if you want to play shows up go to your igloo. 3. If it works then you should be in your igloo with that box still there. 4. Play as you normal (MORE)

How can you get lots of coins in Club Penguin?

i will give you 10000 coins on club penguin if you give me a one month member acconut on club penguin. just email me at josh_95o@hotmail.comYou can also get 100,000 coins a day on Club Penguin money maker. Just type in and this website does actually work!

Coin cheats for Club Penguin?

well the only cheat i know of to get money ON club penguin they found out about that and will ban you and not give you money. but if you go to they have a money maker. another money maker site is called CPcheats also has something called penguin storm that you download (MORE)

How do you upload coins to club penguin?

You must connect your ds to an internet connection earn coins on minigames then go to the Nintendo wifi button a press connect to Nintendo wifi connection and then if you havent already add your acount then press upload coins and then select amount.

Club penguin how do you get 10000 coins?

Well you type in the code then you get 1000 coins sometimes you get a accessory!!!!!! To enter a coin log off and look in the corners press unlock items then you log in to your penguin then....... Enter the code you will see!

Can you get a million coins on Club Penguin?

Nope. you cant get 100,000,000 coins. . Actually you can only get 100,000 coins- I use a money maker for that and I can't get more than that. (Money maker- )

How can you get loads of coins on Club Penguin?

here if this doesn't come up as a link just copy and paste it into the address bar : this has the best money maker ever , it is free to download , has a ton of things to mess around with ,gaurenteed 100% virus free and did i mention FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

What are coin codes on Club Penguin?

They are codes on club penguin toys also if you click on UNLOCK ITEMS ONLINE the code can be jotted in and TA DA you have a bunch of new coins ready to be spent

What can you do to get 1000000 coins on Club Penguin?

I got 2 ideas. Heres the first idea 1.Go to on penguin storm it 'FREE VIRUS' 4.When you downloaded it click on money maker Learn more at Heres the second idea Go to But it will only get you 100000 on club penguin i got 1000000 coin (MORE)

What can you do with coins on Club Penguin?

Coins can be used for alot of things , if your a member you can buy Clothes and Puffles (Pets) and alots of other stuff , but if your a Non-Member you can't buy Clothes and those stuff well you cant buy anything but you can get Items for Free mostly from events and can buy wallpapers for free and Fl (MORE)

Can you get coins on Club Penguin?

The answer is yes you can.Shane68282 has lots of coins he is always on crunch he will give you some tips.He is always wearing a blue cap, a black hoodie orange sneakers for footwear, a blue cloak and blue sunglasses.He is rich.

How can you earn coins in Club Penguin?

You earn coins on club penguin by playing games. To make about 250-300 coins per game on cart surfer, follow these instructions: -Go to the underground mine -Click on the cart -Repeatedly switch between these two tricks: Backflip (down and space) and Spin (space and left or right arrow key) (MORE)

Where do you get Club Penguin coin codes?

you buy club penguin toys that have codes and you can unlock them and if you unlock three codes you get to unlock the treasure book there are no coin codes in that book

How do you get 1000000000000 coins on Club Penguin?

You can download a Money Maker for Club Penguin, their is only one rule to this though you can only get 50,000 otherwise you will be banned once you have used these 50,000 coins you can get another 50,000.

How do you get a thosand coins on Club Penguin?

A. Play games and earn coins. The game that gives you the most coins is Pufflescape followed by Aqua Grabber and further followed by Cart Surfer. B. Enter some coin codes. You can buy them or use free ones, but they can only be used once. Some free codes are - mmcode13 , mmcode11 , arctic20 . C. Us (MORE)

How do you get mega coins on club penguin?

to get mega coins on club penguin there are two quick methods: IF YOU HAVE AN iPod,iPad,iPhone (only works with wireless networks) then get puffle launch on it from itunes then put it to transfer coins to (your penguin name(it will ask for your password too) and keep on playing the levels where y (MORE)