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Try Costco coupons.. They have deals on HD TVs and blu Ray and alot of things related to HD TVs
Pricedropalert has HDTV deals and price drops and you can get easily online
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What is the advantage of full HDTV over HDTV?

One might say that HDTV is 720P and 1080i , and then Full HDTV is 1080P. And then one might get in to , i = interlaced scanning , and P = progressive scanning. And then one m

Where to get best deals and coupons for shopping?

You can find many deals and coupons websites on the Internet.

What websites offer coupons for deals of HP printers?

Coupons for HP printers can be found online at such sites as Retail Me Not, Brads Deals, and Slick Deals. You can also receive cash back when purchasing items such as HP print

What is the best Resolution for LCD HDTV?

HI, The higher the pixels displayed on the screen, the higher the resolution. If your TV has an adjustable resolution, then of course, whatever makes the picture look best

What does 1080p mean in HDTV?

1080p represents an HD signal format. It is constructed with an image resolution of 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. The "p" stands for progressive scan. Progressive mean

What is the difference between hdtv and hdtv monitor?

  HDTV is a new format for displaying a TV picture. It has higher resolution and clarity than the old NTSC format. Most stations that are broadcasting digital signals are

What is 120 hz HDTV?

  It's an HD TV-set running at 120Hz - meaning it refreshes the entire screen 120 times a second. This makes for a much more stable picture, reducing fatigue while watch

How much is a LCD HDTV projector?

Prices for lcd hdtv projectors will vary based on the resolution size. A 1280 x 800 lcd hdtv projector from Hitachi will run about $2000. An Epson 960x540 LCD Projector costs

What is HDTV?

  Answer   HDTV stands for High Definition Television.     HDTV is a digital television broadcasting standard. Since it is digital, the signals are composed of

What is a coupon?

A coupon is a little paper or code you get that saves you money by presenting it to a cashier at time of purchase. And a Coupon is the promo code that you enter online at the

When and who invented HDTV?

HDTV was not an invention as such. The standards for HD television were developed and agreed between various televisions standards committees and television companies around t

How do you get coupons?

Coupons are available with numerous online websites, Coupons help  you to save money and purchase products at discounted price.   Buy using online coupons and deals, you