How do you get Shambles the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

016 Shambles the Scrappy Chappy [Mythies] Common: Purchase the Moshi Monsters Mash Up! Code Breakers edition Trading Cards and get a Lucky Card with the code for the Jolly Flowers. Plant the Jolly Flowers with any two seeds to attract Shambles to your Moshling Garden.
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You started by posting videos of yourself on YouTube. How are today's technological innovations helping young performers break out to a larger audience?

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How do you get Cleo the Moshling on Moshi Monsters?

Cleo is an ultra rare moshling and you need to be a paid Moshi Member to get her. 080 *Cleo the Pretty Pyramid [Worldie] Blue Crazy Daisy, Pink Crazy Daisy, Yellow Snap Apple

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How do your moshlings walk with you on moshi monsters?

You have to be a paid Moshi Member to have a moshling follow your  monster.    1. Go to your moshling zoo.   2. Click the one that you want to take with you. It will (MORE)

How do you get the puppy moshlings on Moshi Monsters?

007 Fifi the Oochie Poochie [Puppies] [Common] any  Hot Silly Pepper, any Magic Beans, any Dragon Fruit    038 *McNulty the Undercover YapYap [Puppies]  [Uncommon] any (MORE)

How do you get Rocky the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

Yes, you have to be a paid member. 028 *Rocky the Heavy Weight [Worldie] Pink Crazy Daisy, any Love Berries, any Hot Silly Pepper To attract Moshlings you need to plant thre (MORE)

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