How do you get Sim Tower onto your computer?

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In reference to the Game, You would need the sim tower bundle CD
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Can I get songs from my iPod onto my computer?

Answer . Actually, you can even without the use of third party software. With your ipod connected to your machine find the ipod, allow the folder to show hidden files, and open up your ipod folder. Copy "iPod_Control" onto your computer and have iTunes add that folder to your music collection, th (MORE)

How do viruses get passed onto your computer?

easy ,by using other types of hacking like: worm: copies themselves into other files. Trojan: get control of your computer with out knowing also leave personal information for example 'bank card', at risk of being stolen.

What is a computer tower?

A computer tower is the main part of the computer. It is the part that contains the motherboard, power supply, cd/floppy/dvd or any other drives or parts. Without it, you would have a nice moniter to sell at a yard sale. Most computers stand vertically, instead of horozontally. This is why it is cal (MORE)

How do you upload pictures onto a computer?

To upload pictures to a computer you need the usb cord. You take the small side and put it into the camera and the larger side goes into the computer. Then something should pop-up and you want to select see pictures. This will then download the pictures on the computer.

How do you download pictures onto your computer?

You have to click on it with the left mouse button,and click 'save as',then it will come to your uploaded photos album,then click save.. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha!. just kidding. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ive done it lotz uv times!

How do you burn DVD onto computer?

When you burn a movie or video file to DVD, you'll need a DVD burner to help you. First, download the movie or the video which you want to burn to your computer. Second, run the DVD burner, load video files, Third, click burn. Before you take the third step, you could select what your video (MORE)

How do you record your Xbox onto your computer?

You will need a capture card which will cost around $100 or more. However, here is a cheap way. Buy a USBGrabber which are cheap and get a free software. . any hd pvr recorder, dvd recorder, or digital recording device will work to get this done. when using a dvd make sure you have a dvd reader o (MORE)

How do you copy pictures onto computer?

From a web page it is simple: simply drag an image from the web browser down to your desktop. Some images may be protected though and cannot be dragged from the web page. You can also right click the image and select "save to computer" then select a folder to save it to.

How do you get onto the water tower on Early poptropica?

It is the final stage of recovering the missing items. You have to get the glow stick, enter the underground to recover the pig and a Golden Egg. The in the clouds, the Purple Giant will take the egg to let you enter his garden in the clouds. There you will find the water bucket and a jetpack, with (MORE)

How do you save music onto your computer?

Here is a fast and easy way to do it, first, put the CD into the computer. If a window pops up, scroll down and click "Take no Action" and click OK. Go to "My Computer" on the Start Menu or on the Desktop. Click on the CD Drive. Next open up the folder you want to put the music files in. Then drag e (MORE)

How do you get your pictures onto your computer from your camera?

You can either connect the camera with a USB cable (one should have come with the camera), or you can buy a small USB card reader into which you insert the camera's memory card. You plug a USB cord into your computer, and then let the pictures upload. Then, you go into your documents/pictures and th (MORE)

What is a tower in a computer?

A tower is the "cpu" part of the whole computer system that a user would have setup. Ie there's the monitor (sits on your desk), the speakers, mouse/keyboard, and the "tower" that sits under the desk(usually). It's the part of the computer system that all the cables connect into. It contains the com (MORE)

How do you upload the sims onto your mac?

click on the icon on the left side of the screen once the disk is in and click install (dont loose the cover!) and follow the instructions until you need to put in a code, copy the code from the back of the booklet and follow the rest of the instructions. drag the game from somewhere and click on it (MORE)

The sims keep stopping on your computer you have unistalled it and installed it but it still wont work It was going fine until you tried loading sims unleashed onto your computer?

It sounds like your computer is full and does not have the memory available to run the programs if they are both on your computer. Uninstall any old programs you don't use anymore, using Control Panel. Then, use the Disk Cleanup (Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup) to remove extra tem (MORE)

How do you scan a paper onto your computer?

the easiest way.. 1- install your scanner 2- double click the scanner icon in my computer 3- double click Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard 4- next 5- preview 6- choose -- color - or - grayscale (on the left) 7- next 8- type the name of the picture - select the format (JPG (MORE)

Can you download the sims 3 onto more than one computer using the same disc?

Nope. Since you need to REGISTER your game, it won't work cause there's only ONE code on eachbox. ANOTHER ANSWER::: I have Sims 3, and i went away on a road trip, and i only had my moms laptop, i was anxious to play sims 3 since i recently bought it on the trip, so i downloaded it on my moms lap (MORE)

How do you get pictures onto your computer?

well usually, especially with new cameras they come with a usb plug in so all you have to do is plug them in to your usb slot. then spmthing should pop up that would further inform you on what and how to transfer your pics

How do you upload sims onto another computer onto the sims

There are 2 ways to do this.. This is how you start them both. Go to start, the All Programs, then EA Games, then click on the folder of your most recent game installed, and click Sims 2 Body Shop. Now, create the sim. Then go to package sim. Now continue with step one or 2. 1: Click package onto (MORE)

How do you Scan a photo onto your computer?

You would need to have a scanner hooked up to your computer. An alternative method would be using a digital camera to take a picture of the photo and transferring it that way.

How do you get photos from your phone onto the computer?

There are a number of methods and not all methods will work on every phone-computer combination. 1) Connect the phone and computer with a cable (typically the necessary cable will have been supplied with your phone). On your computer search for your phone which will typically be shown as a drive (MORE)

How do you log onto the computer?

Typically, you just turn it on. When it asks for a username and/or password, you select or enter the correct ones, and voila! Logged in. Did you mean something different?

How do you get videos from your iPod onto your computer?

its really simple all you do is you buy the song on your iPod touch (or any other iPod that can hold videos) then after you want to put on your computer you plug in your iPod touch then it should show that your iPod is connected, on the info bar on your left. after that you have to sync your music o (MORE)

How to import pictures onto computer?

just plug your device in and a little window should pop up press import pictures another window should pop up were you can name it press save and its on your computer

How do you upload a virus onto a computer?

if you want to get a virus, just wait for a email or something, if you have a virus, upload it onto your mp3/IPod/flashdrive/ etc. but why would your really want to upload a virus to your computer and damage it to bits and have to buy a new one? that a bit stupid if you ask me. but your not and you (MORE)

How do you get files back onto your computer?

Not sure what your question is exactly but I will try my best to answer it. If you have accidentally deleted files: . Open your recycle bin, click on the deleted file/s and select "restore", or, If in doubt, please take you computer to a reputable computer repair shop . If this is not yo (MORE)

How do you copy songs onto your computer?

You can copy files from flash drive or from your computer folders (One location to other location). You simply select the files from the folder, then click copy and paste it to the relevant folder. Copy > Location > Paste

How do you get a DVD onto a file on your computer?

go to Filehippo dot com and download DVDshrink insert your DVD and create a .ISO file, to watch the file on the same computer you'll need VirtualCloneDrive also from filehippo. To burn to a blank DVD get the program called IMGBurn. Have fun.

How does a computer worm get onto your computer?

It gets in several ways: Through e-mail. That's the most frequent way, by opening an attachment in a message. Through Skype and other messaging programs. Principle is the same - opening some file that your friend is sending you, though it's the malware program that uses Skype to send fake messag (MORE)

What are towers for computers?

Towers are just large desktop computers. They are made for larger more powerful components that "Slim"desktop computers and laptops could not use. They create a lot moreheat and usually have more room for multiple DVD players, Harddrives and more Ram.