How do you get a job in Bulgaria?

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As in any other civilized country, you apply for it. Bigger companies have HR departments, smaller have at least one HR professional, to whom you refer your application. Documents usually required in such application are a CV (the official EU format is preferred, although not always required), and sometimes a motivational letter (slightly different than a cover letter).

Jobs in Bulgaria are mainly advertised on the Internet on websites such as or, and in newspapers, including a few daily papers that feature ads only.
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Where is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is in SE Europe next to Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and Macedonia. It is west of the Black Sea. at the bottom of Europe

Common jobs in Bulgaria?

jobs in administration- clerks, jobs in hospital nurse, physicians, hobs in industries- workers, jobs in service industry etc.

How did Bulgaria get the name Bulgaria?

Bulgaria gets its name from the Bulgar people, who migrated from Central Asia to Eastern Europe in the 7th century. They established Old Great Bulgaria (roughly where Ukraine

Do you need jobs to go to Bulgaria?

One can visit Bulgaria at any time by getting short term visa (tourism, visiting relatives/friends, seminar-symposia, invited guests etc). For long term visa: such as Worker,

What can you do in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria you can climb the mountains, play in the snow in the winter,Sun bathe on the beach in the summer,enjoy the wonderful culture and food, swim in one of the refreshin

What products are in Bulgaria?

Pls. formulate well your question, ask concrete matter, and do write good and understanable English pls. If someone tries to guess, may be you are asking What produces Bulg

What kind of jobs do they have in Bulgaria?

Like all other European and EU countries Bulgarian job market is alike (means similar type of jobs). But Bulgaria has a good and long sea belt- so it provides jobs to 'service