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How do you get a microphone on Poptropica?

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You have to earn credits (to earn credits you have to either pay for it or earn it,you earn it buy beating poptropica islands) then there are outfits on poptropica store thay come with microphones. To enter the poptropica store click the star icon on the top of your page. hope this helps
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What is Poptropica?

Poptropica is an online game where you create an avatar, a cartoon character you control. You interact with the various game characters on any of the separate games, or "islan

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How do you get to Poptropica?

(Go to the website at www.poptropica.com )   To Get An AccountFirst, you go to the Poptropica website (www.poptropica.com) and click on new player. Once you do that, on you

What do you do on Poptropica?

You can rescue islands, chat with other players, and play games. (Including multi-player games! ) --- Poptropica is a free online game site that plays games on the site's s

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