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How do you get apoxy or super glue off plastic eye glass lens?

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Apply nail polish remover using a q-tip. You may need to apply a slight rubbing motion.

Note: your lens may have a scratch resistant coating which may be affected by this process.
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What glue bonds glass to plastic?

Depends on the kind of plastic, but try 100% clear silicone . It's good with many plastics. ( but in future ,please be more specific, - 'plastic' covers hundreds of different

How do you get gorilla glue off eye glasses?

If it's a glass lens, soften it with Goof-Off , then carefully scrape it off with a craft knife. - If they are plastic lenses as many are these days, I don't think it will com

How can you get Super glue off your plastic safety glasses lens?

You can try using Super glue remover (available at almost any store), but first you should consult with an optometrist or optometrist assistant to make sure it won't cause fur

How do you get super glue off of plastic?

The best method would be to use a solvant. Acetone has been suggested by the manufacturer as a good solvant for the glue. Acetone is often found in household nail polish remov

How do you get super glue off a glasses lens?

just get a scratchy and put some water and ajax on it and scrub very carefuly so you dont scartch the lens ANS 2 - very carefully with the edge of a sharp craft knife - basic

What will take super glue off eye glasses?

Finger nail polish remover. Check with your optometrist to see if you can safely use the solution on plastic lenses.

How do you get Gorilla Glue off an eyeglass lens made of plastic?

That's almost impossible to do without destroying the lens. If it was mine, Id cut most of it off with a #11 medical scalpel, then use very fine abrasive polish to remove the
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How do you get super glue of glasses with out scratching lens?

ok before you do any thing STOP what your doing. Don't try to  scratch of the super glue, if you do you will scratch the lens. so  soak the glasses in hot water for an hour