How do you get cattle to move?

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Walk towards them or to their side and they will move for you. If there's a pet bovine that will not move away if you walk towards it, then you can best get it to move by getting it to follow you in the direction you want it to go. Shouting, whooping, or making any loud noise may also get cattle to move, albeit in a bit of a hurry!
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What were some reasons they moved cattle?

One is because the farmer needs to allow the grass to regain control and grow taller while the cattle were moved to the already regained pastures.. Another might be because a

What do you call people who move cattle?

Drovers, Herdsmen, Cowboys

Why do they have to move cattle?

Cattle need to be moved from one pasture or grazing area to another because they, just like any herbivore, tend to eat/trample the grasses down where they have grazed, limitin