How do you get free iPhone 4?

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You will find it nearly impossible to obtain a phone for free. As the saying goes 'Nothing in life is free'.
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How 2 get free answer tones 4 iPhone?

there are no answer tones available for the iphone and your provider will be the only one to put it... regardless not available for iphone uggh

How do you get a free iPhone 4 case?

You can't you will need to purchase one. there is no free lunch in the world. but you can do some work for some online store, so they will send you a free iPhone 4S case.

Does iPhone 4 have free internet?

Only if you consider wifi as free internet.. No, The iPhone 4 has to be bought with a contract from att or maybe Verizon sometime soon and requires a special data plan 15$ fo

How do you get an iPhone 4 for free?

A few network suppliers may provide a handset for free or heavily discounted provided you sign up to a contract with that particular mobile phone operator, so it's a case of s

How can you put free music on your iphone 4 ipod playlist?

Download FreeCorder (Google it, it's from Applian Technologies) and install. Use FreeCorder to record high quality "videos" (songs with shabby lyric graphics added to make it

Is Skype free on iPhone 4?

Yup! It's free. You will use data when you download the app if you are not on a wi-fi connection at the time. You can use the video call feature on your iPhone 4 on when conn
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How you get a free iPhone 4?

Go steal one :D. Just kidding, by normal means you can get a free one on a 1/78500 chance ( anomynous survey ). So just work you way for one. Nothing is too easy you know.