How do you get gum on Big Nate Island?

The guy in the Klassic Komix store gives you the gum if you find all of his comic pieces and put them in the right order.

Go to the store and get the "frame" that the panels fit into, then find the 8 pieces that are scattered around on the island. Put them together and bring them back to the comic store and the guy will give you some gum.

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What do you do with the lobster on Big Nate Island?

Strangely enough, you use the lobster as "pliers" to turn the lighthouse light and scare away the seagull from the school bell tower. (So you can fix the school bell.) (see (MORE)

How do you get the frog in big nate island?

Getting scuba gear. 1.First you find a old picture. (It's by the light house.) 2.Then you go to the schools picture guy and trade the picture for scuba gear. Deep trap. 3.Put (MORE)

Where is the lighthouse on Big Nate Island?

The lighthouse at Puffin Point is at the far right side of the island. (right from the playground) Big Nate Island has four areas : Business District, School, Playground, and (MORE)

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How do you get detention on Big Nate Island?

In school, gum chewing is not allowed. Chew the gum you get from the Klassic Komix guy, and Mrs. Godfrey will haul you into detention. Be sure you have a stink bomb to run her (MORE)

What do you do with the gum on big nate island?

In order to get to the secret room (the blueprint is in Nate's locker), you have to go through the filing cabinet in the Detention Room.   Once you have concocted a stin (MORE)

Where is the bubble gum on big nate island?

The guy in the Klassic Komix store gives you the gum if you find all of his comic pieces and put them in the right order. Go to the store and get the "frame" that the panels (MORE)