How do you get hot water to your appliances?

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Hot water gets to any appliance through the pipes in the home. As soon as framing is completed in any home, pipes are laid from the incoming main supply to the faucets, the H/W tank, and the toilet. another set of pipes leads from the H/W tank to each hot faucet, including the ones where washing machine and dishwasher will be. These two will end in a shut off valve where these 2 appliances can be connected easily.

What happens if the same 120V source is supplied to both hot terminals of a 240V appliance?

Answer . I can see the need for this question. The power goes out frequently around my house. I have a generator that only puts out 110VAC. I made a special adapter to plug it into the breaker box. I made it so both legs in the box are live. This way, I have power anywere in the house. Of course (MORE)

Can you water a plant with hot water?

Under normal circumstances this will burn and damage the root system of the plant, possibly severely enough to kill it. Some plants are more tolerant though to hot water and can survive fairly high water temperatures

Why is it that when you turn on the hot water the hot water comes out instantly?

For bldgs with long runs between the source and the use point, a HW recirculating system could be installed. This can be a full loop with a circulator and aquastat, or a check valve between the hot and cold water lines at the farthest fixture with the circulator controlled by an aquastat sensing the (MORE)

What are appliances?

They are blenders and microwaves, washer drier dishwasher and coffie makers! Anythign you have to buy and plug in mostly for the kitichen! Hope I helped!

Can you water grass with hot water?

No you can't!!! The grass will die because they don't have the cold water they need. Hot water will make them die because it steams them. So water them with COLD water!!

Why does our gas hot water heater have insufficient hot water?

There are a few possibilities. One is that the water heater is not large enough for the demand put on it. Another is that it is not turned up high enough. Another is that your shower and bath valves are preset so as limit that maximum temperature. These can be adjusted and how to do it is dependent (MORE)

How hot is the water in a hot tub?

Low is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but because your bodytemp is 98.6, a hot tub temperature of less than 98.6 will actually take heat away from your body. 100 degrees is nice and warm Many hot tubs will not go higher than 104 degrees, which will feel really hot but soothing when you get in. You will fee (MORE)

How hot is hot water?

\n. \nHow hot, hot water is all depends on the person themselves. Water boils at 212 0 F - (100 0 C ) and a jacuzzi is normally set at 105 0 F. If you think about it, your body temperature is 98.6 0 F and that is considered to be hot to some people..

How hot can water be and still be water?

It may be more a question of time as opposed to temperature, as at boiling point water starts to become steam, if you boiled the water for long enough, it would eventually completely evaporate, the process could of course be sped up by raising the temperature. In a closed system one can heat wate (MORE)

Why do you need a hot water heater if the water is already hot?

This is a common question among the illiterate. The term "hot-water heater" distinguishes it from water heaters used for other purposes beyond domestic hot water (e.g., washing). For example, a hydronic boiler also heats water, making it hot water, but only for use inside radiators. It is al (MORE)

How do you get more quantity hot water from your hot water heater?

Install a bigger water heater. This would only be efficient if you had a constant need for an increased volume and could bear the added cost of installing, operating and maintaining a larger heater. Or increase the temperature on the water heater so you use less to get warm water. This also has (MORE)

Why does a spoon get hot if it is left in hot water?

Heat is transferred into the metal spoon from the hot liquid, and it will soon be at the same temperature as the liquid because the spoon's heat capacity is quite small compared to the water surrounding it.

Which is hotter hot water or hot sand?

definently hot water, it can be raised to any temperature.. sand is only hot because of the weather around it, meaning water can be or cant be hotter, depending on the temperature of each substance. hih ( hope i helped )

If you had a 5000W generator and bought another 3500W generator could you set them up to provide backup power to a 5500W appliance hot water heater?

Small backup generators usually do not have the ability to be paralleled. Some, notably Honda inverter-type generators do, using a special syncronizing cable. The EU1000i, EU2000i and EU3000is can be paralleled, but non-inverters such as the EB5000X cannot. If you try to parallel two generators th (MORE)

Why would your hot water tank not put out hot water?

Hot water tanks are typically fueled by gas and electric. First, if one or both utilities are shut off, you won't have hot water. Second, if the utilities are working, someone may have turned the thermostat off or too low. Third, you may have a bad thermostat. Some thermostats also shut off whe (MORE)

Is there an appliance to heat bath water?

If you mean the appliance that heats water before it comes out of the water tap, there are several: the most common being the tank water heater (usually installed in a basement, heater closet or other central location near the water main) and the inline on-demand heater (usually installed very close (MORE)

How do you get cold water and hot water?

Water steams up by the weather. water doesn't steam up and go hot in countries like Antarctica and other cold countries. Like with human bodies, in horrendous weather you are cold and in extremely hot weather you are warm. Basically: Water depends on the weather.

What does it mean to have a hot electric appliance plug?

In the electrical trade it has taken on the meaning that a circuit has been energized. e.g. Is the circuit for the appliance plugs hot? . The above answer correctly addresses the normal trade interpretation of the question.. But if the question was asked by a non-member of the electrical trade (MORE)

Why do electrical appliances get hot?

The lots of the wasted energy from appliances are emitted as heat energy and the heat is dissipated into the atmosphere this makes it hot. The rest of the useful energy is transformed to light energy.

Why is a hot water heater called a hot water heater?

It is called this as it heats up or brings up the temperature of cold water to hot. In other words, it is producing hot water by heating it. Some people incorrectly believe it is redundant to refer to "hot water" and "heater", but there are many other types of heaters, so the distinction of one crea (MORE)

Why doesn't hot water stay hot?

It eventually cools to the temperature of its surrounding environment. For example, when you put an ice cube on your kitchen table, it won't stay an ice cube because the surrounding environment (the kitchen, which is about 75 o Fahrenheit) is far too warm, and will eventually melt the ice cube. (MORE)

What makes hot water hot?

The heat from the stove makes hot water because like the food when you use the stove it makes it hot to. right?

If water does not conduct electricity why do you have to be careful with electrical appliances around water?

Pure or distilled water such as most rain water will not conduct electricity, but that is only true if it has not come in contact with impurities that are conductive. If you have water on your floor and an electrical charge such as a naked hot wire from your house electrical system falls into it, yo (MORE)

Is hot water equivalent to hot tea?

Yes it is. You can dissolve powder milk in hot water and also dissolve it in hot tea ( both with same temperatures) and the dissolving rate will be the same. The dissolving of a solute in a solvent depends on the temperature.

Does a glass get hot when you put hot water in it?

Glass conducts electricity well letting the heat flow through it. 2. OOPS! (it is only at very high temperatures that glass conducts electricity, and even then it is not a good conductor.) And glass is not a very good conductor of heat, but it will conduct heat albeit slowly.

Why does the water in your natural gas hot water heater not get hot?

you have a question that can have many different answers . here is a list I would check first to your problem. 1. is your pilot light out or if a forced air WH is it plugged in with power to it? 2. Is your gas line on or do you have gas to your water heater? 3. look up your water heater manual guide (MORE)

Why does a Kitchen Hot Water tap lose pressure when no other appliances are running?

Put simply, a correctly designed and fitted system does not lose pressure. I would guess that there is a pinch point somewhere in your system. This allows the pressure to get up to normal when the system is a rest, only to reduce as the water further up the pipe cannot get through the pinch point (MORE)

Why hot water can float on hot water?

Generally, when a substance is warmed up, it also expands a little. But as you're not adding any more stuff to it, the density has to go down as the volume goes up. So as long as some of the water is warmer than the water around it, that water will try to rise to the top.

What electric appliance do you use to boil the water?

have you tried an electric kettle? Use an electric boiler 220 - 440 V When oil delivery or natural gas is not available or an open flame is impracticable such as ship board or medical facilities where oxygen or other combustible fuels are present or when one needs to "boost" the water temperature (MORE)

How do you keep hot water in a tin can hot?

Tin is a good heat conductor. So to keep hot water in a tin can hotyou need to insulate the outside and bottom of the can withsomething that does not absorb heat but instead contains it next tothe can.

Why do you have no cold water flow in the upstairs bathroom when the hot water works fine and no other tap or appliance has an issue?

A blockage in the faucet, depending on type it may need either a washer or seal replaced. Minerals may have built up in either the supply line on that side or the shut off valve under the sink. Shut the water supply off, take the line loose from the faucet and put the end of the line in a bucket and (MORE)

How hot is water?

There is no single answer to that question. Water can be a widevariety of temperatures from freezing at 0°C / 32°F up to100°C/212°F, which are the boiling points.

How hot is hot springs water?

It is often in excess of 100° F, or sometimes even close to boilingtemperature. It is not that is is the volance steam