How do you get hot water to your appliances?

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Hot water gets to any appliance through the pipes in the home. As soon as framing is completed in any home, pipes are laid from the incoming main supply to the faucets, the H/W tank, and the toilet. another set of pipes leads from the H/W tank to each hot faucet, including the ones where washing machine and dishwasher will be. These two will end in a shut off valve where these 2 appliances can be connected easily.

If you had a 5000W generator and bought another 3500W generator could you set them up to provide backup power to a 5500W appliance hot water heater?

Small backup generators usually do not have the ability to be paralleled. Some, notably Honda inverter-type generators do, using a special syncronizing cable. The EU1000i, E

Is there an appliance to heat bath water?

If you mean the appliance that heats water before it comes out of the water tap, there are several: the most common being the tank water heater (usually installed in a basemen

What does it mean to have a hot electric appliance plug?

In the electrical trade it has taken on the meaning that a circuit has been energized. e.g. Is the circuit for the appliance plugs hot? . The above answer correctly addre

Why do electrical appliances get hot?

The lots of the wasted energy from appliances are emitted as heat energy and the heat is dissipated into the atmosphere this makes it hot. The rest of the useful energy is tra

Why does a Kitchen Hot Water tap lose pressure when no other appliances are running?

Put simply, a correctly designed and fitted system does not lose pressure. I would guess that there is a pinch point somewhere in your system. This allows the pressure to g

What electric appliance do you use to boil the water?

have you tried an electric kettle? Use an electric boiler 220 - 440 V When oil delivery or natural gas is not available or an open flame is impracticable such as ship board

Why do you have no cold water flow in the upstairs bathroom when the hot water works fine and no other tap or appliance has an issue?

A blockage in the faucet, depending on type it may need either a washer or seal replaced. Minerals may have built up in either the supply line on that side or the shut off val