How do you get kerosine out of carpets?

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Try the spray "Totally Awesome" it really is awesome and cleans just about anything.
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Can you burn kerosine in a farm tractor?

It can be done, but the tractor has to be built for it, and I don't really recommend trying it for all the hassle involved. I had a JD model "B" that was set up for it, so her

Why kerosine oil burns with flames?

Due to high percentage of carbon the kerosene oil is not converted inti carbon dioxide and water on combustion but some quantity of the carbon is escaped as unburned particles

Why is Kerosine safer than Gasoline?

as an accelerant, kerosene has a higher flash temperature than does gasoline, meaning it requires more energy to start burning. i.e. - bigger flame, or spark.

Is kerosine polar or non -polar and why?

Kerosene is a non-polar molecule. This is because it has an evenlydistributed electric charge, whereas the electric charge of polarmolecules are not evenly distributed through

What is the chemical formula for kerosine?

Kerosine (sometimes spelt kerosene) is a mixture of hydrocarbons that is a fraction from the fractional distillation of petroleum extracted between 150 and 200 0 C. See wikip

Why do you store sodium in kerosine?

This is done to prevent the acces of oxygen and also humidity (water vapor) from air to sodium metal. If not then sodium will BURN (self ignition).

Is paint soluble in kerosine?

Depends on the kind of paint: oil based paint will dissolve in, or at least mix with kerosine, water based will not (e.g. alkyds)

Can kerosin dissolve salt?

Kerosene is a non polar solvent (or non ionic solvent) and cannot dissolve an ionic compound such as salt.
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How can kerosine be separated from stew?

Kerosine (Kerosene or Paraffin as it is more commonly known) cannot be removed completely from stew, it's best throw the meal away.
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Which metal is preserved in kerosine?

Any of the alkali metals or calcium and heavier alkaline earth metals could be preserved by such storage.
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How do you make blue kerosin into white?

It needs to be done by processing. It's naturally clear - but dyesare added to certain blends - to identify the use for which it wasintended. Here in the UK - they do the same