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How do you get medical insurance when you have depression and take medication and Blue Cross denied coverage and don't qualify for low income coverage?

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You can get coverage through the Benefits Companies also known as Discount Plans. Research the companies and look for the highest discount, what all they give you as a member, and the amount of time the company has been doing business. The highest savings out there is 80% period.
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Does new medical insurance coverage automatically become the primary coverage?

No, I'm checking on the CA State Law, but haven't found it yet. Here's the research I found so far. From Blue Cross Administrators Manual Medicare is the primary payor for em

When a noncustodial parent is ordered to pay unreimbursed medical expenses and both parents have insurance coverage for the child how can you prove the custodial parent has coverage when she denies it?

  Answer     The attorney representing the non-custodial parent can serve the custodial parent with a interogatory summons requesting proof of insurance or the la

Who pays the medical bill if you are involved in an accident where the at fault party is uninsured and you don't have uninsured motorist coverage but you do have medical insurance?

  This is a great question. My husband was hit by a car while on his motorcycle last June. He DID NOT have uninsured motorist on his bike and the woman had no insurance at

Can you be denied coverage for gastric bypass if it is medically necessary?

 It depends on the terms of the insurance. Read the coverage document to determine if it specifically covers the procedure in question.   If it is deemed medically necess

Can you be denied health insurance coverage?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYes on Individual plans. Employer Groups have guarantees If you're denied as an Individual there may be a State Risk Pool for you http://www.nah

Does Blue Cross cover you for medical and hospital coverage out of the US?

  Normally you will only have coverage in an emergency situation, and then it is on a reimbursement basis. You would pay for the emergency service and file for reimburseme

Can a medical insurance deny coverage because you have ms?

I write policies for BlueCross Blueshield of Florida and Multiple Sclerosis is one of the medical conditions that will render you ineligible for coverage. Check with specific

How much medical payment home insurance coverage is right?

The right amount would be Zero, It doesn't make much sense to pay extra for medical coverage on ahome insurance policy when that's already covered under yourmedical insurance

Can a medical insurance company drop coverage for a group?

Yes. A group policy is not much different from an individual policy when it comes to cancellations. If the group misses payments or no longer meets the underwriting guidelines