How do you get more torque?

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lower gears you can also add an new intake which will give your 10-20 more horse powers
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What is more damping torque or controlling torque?

Following are the essentials of indicating instruments: 1. Operating torque, 2. Controlling torque, and 3. Damping torque. OPERATING TORQUE Operating torque is produced by mak

How can you learn more about Torque - physics?

You can read the Wikipedia article on torque, look for other online articles about torque, or read a physics school book - look for the chapters about rotational movement. It

How do you add more torque?

by tuning/upgrading your engine.

Is torque more important than horsepower?

This is a question people have been discussing for a very long time. I was told one time people talk horsepower but they ride torque. Everything that discusses power has two p

How can you get more torque out of a 2004 dodge ram 1500?

what engine there are alot of engine add ons if you have the 4.7 that's tough they fall on there face pulling it 4wd. regearing it would be the best way but will b

What is more important torque or revolutions per minute?

They are both equally important in different scenarios. I don't know what you are talking about specifically, but on a drill RPMs are important when drilling through softer ma

How can you get more HP and Torque out of your 1990 460?

For starters make sure the engine is running at peak performance, meaning it has good compression, no vacuum leaks, and the entire ignition system is in good order. After th

How do you get more torque from a 1991 Chevy 350 pickup?

A free-flowing exhaust including headers, larger pipes, and performance mufflers can help quite a bit. If you still want more, nitrous oxide injection, or a supercharger can m