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lower gears you can also add an new intake which will give your 10-20 more horse powers
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What is more damping torque or controlling torque?

Following are the essentials of indicating instruments: 1. Operating torque, 2. Controlling torque, and 3. Damping torque. OPERATING TORQUE Operating torque is produced by mak (MORE)

Why do diesel engines have more torque than horsepower?

The issue is that diesel engines, while they produce a whole lot of torque, cannot rev nearly as high as comparable gasoline engines. And since:     horsepower = (to (MORE)

Is torque more important than horsepower?

  This is a question people have been discussing for a very long time. I was told one time people talk horsepower but they ride torque. Everything that discusses power has (MORE)

What is more important torque or revolutions per minute?

They are both equally important in different scenarios. I don't know what you are talking about specifically, but on a drill RPMs are important when drilling through softer ma (MORE)