How do you get out of the Locked Cabin the escape game?

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grab the knife from the red backpack by the black desk go to other room move the chair away to remove the key from the radiator... don't cheat and play the rest.
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How do you escape on cabin escape?

If you're talking about The following is a walkthrough, it is obviously a SPOILER so don't read it unless you're ready..

When the titanic sunk did anyone get locked in their cabins?

No. Contrary to popular belief, no passengers were locked in their cabins or any corresponding corridors during the sinking. There were barriers to separate the classes, but t

Does 2006 Ford Escape have a cabin filter?

2006 and other ford escape's does not have a cabin filter, however there are many aftermarket cabin filters that can be installed. It does however have a cabin filter for the

How did Huck escape out the cabin?

he sawed hisself out and then killed a wild pig and let the blood go all over the floor . so basically, he faked his own murder.

What is the lock in escape from the coolsonian?

In order to get the elevator key,enter in this date,''03/26/whatever date the game shows." After that,you will get the key and be able to advance on to the next exihibit. Go
In Poptropica

How do you get into the locked cabin in mystery train island?

You go to the luggage room and find the frech reporter and she tells you that you look just like the porter. Then you go into the Porter's closet on the far right of the lugga