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How do you get over a guy who you keep going back to when you just want to leave him behind and get on with your life?

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  • You can't really get over a guy who you keep going back to unless you really want to it can be so hard and seem like the most impossible thing that can be done but that is not true if he doesn't want you then he is stupid and doesn't realize how much you are worth because you are beautiful and you have a sparkling personality and if he cant see that then he is a 'pompous fool' but then again don't just blame him for not wanting you there may be so many reasons and even if it is hard to accept you could be the reason why you might have pushed him away or not shown that you like him enough he tries so hard but you push him away because you don't know what to do if you are too fast then he will think you are desperate there are so many of the'se ideas in your head and in the end you don't show the real you and the real feelings you have for him first you have to learn to love yourself and when you have done this then you can love someone else and if it doesn't work out don't just blame him or yourself think about what you did wrong and make sure you never make those same mistakes again and don't think he's the one because there are so many guys out there and the perfect one for you is out there so don't just drown in your own sorrows have fun with your friends talk about it let it out it really helps feel upset there is nothing wrong with that but don't do so forever your worth so much and this guy cannot see that so why want him forget him it may be hard but give it time it really helps and just get out there and enjoy you only live your life once so don't let one guy take that fun away from you because frankly he doesn't deserve you! PS: listening to love songs never helps, listen to girl power songs like irreplaceable and feel loads more better!
  • Hang out with your friends, go to lunch, have pool parties etc. Try not to have any down time so you don't think about him. keep yourself busy. Volunteer at the library, animal shelter, senior center, get lost in a good book. I find shopping always cheers me up. You will be over him soon enough if you stay true to yourself and do not call him or see him. Another guy who is worthy of you will appear when you least expect it.
  • First thing on your to do list: Make a mental note to yourself "Once a cheater always a cheater" people like that don't change unless they have an incentive to change either through something dramatic happening in their life to cause them to see the need to change their evil ways or they finally meet someone that they really do fall head over heels for and want to spend the rest of their life with. I got bad news for you dear. You are not that person. And you will never change this man. He has made it very clear by his actions.
  • In fact You my dear have sent this man a very clear message by your actions. "No matter how many times he cheats or what he does to disrespect you, you will always accept him back. You by doing this are not helping this man see the need to change his evil ways therefore you are encouraging his behavior. Let him GO let him see that there is consequences to his behavior he will never see this as long as he knows he can come back crying to you. If he loves you as he says he does his ACTIONS will reflect this not his words. Just remember that by accepting him as he is you are not only keeping the standards low for yourself as a woman which is only working to HIS ADVANTAGE but you are enabling him to continue on his wayward course with no consequences for his foul behavior if you really love this man let him go, stop sleeping with him and find someone more worthy of your affections who will respect you to direct your feelings towards. Take Care of Yourself!
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