How do you get pass the smartfilter bess edition?

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There is no known way to get around "SmartFilter" is by using a proxy website or proxy'd IP address. The previous answer was very vague & did not seem serious. Note that libraries, colleges, etc. receive update lists that give them the newest proxy websites & IP address, so they can block them. You may find a 'new' proxy & then have it blacklisted by the time you use it.
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How do you get rid of Smartfilter completely?

Answer . \nIf you have problems uninstalling the application just DEACTIVATE smartfilter before you uninstall. Start->SmartFilter->Menu->Deactivate. After you have deactiva

Can you turn off a smartfilter temporarily?

ok u asses who dont no. just right click the internet and go 2 coneection. then lan settings. then un click the proxy and u get a kick in the ass. WAT THE CRAP!!!!! yeah ya

How do you hack smartfilter?

The answer is... you don't. Well, you're not SUPPOSED to, at least. Network administrators put these security programs in place to keep you from doing other things on the inte
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What does the Secure Web Smartfilter EDU do?

The Secure Web Smartfilter EDU does many things. The Secure Web Smartfilter EDU protects students from viewing inappropriate web content and keeps computers safe.