How do you get past the puzzle then beat Cyrus and get Giratina?

How do you get past the puzzle then beat Cyrus and get Giratina?
in order to solve the puzzle in the distortion world, you have to have the hidden move strength, you have to go find the boulders and push them off of the edge. then go back to where mesprit, uxie, and azelf are and move the rock into the purple\black hole in front of each Pokemon. then the Pokemon will leave , next you have to go and find Cynthia, she will tell you to follow her. you will have to battle Cyrus one more time (in the distortion world) and then you will meet giratina. you can flee, catch, or knock out giratina. (you catch him at level 47). then you go back through the portal and you end up in sendoff springs! hope this helped!
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Where to go after you beat Cyrus 2 in platinum?

After you beat Cyrus in the Galactic Headquarters, he says that he is going to Mt. Coronet. After beating Commander Saturn and freeing the Mirage Pokemon, go to Mt. Coronet an (MORE)

How do you beat the bone puzzle on Mythology Island?

In the Minotaur's labyrinth, the Pan puzzle shows 15 bones and says to take away 6 and leave 10. If you remove the right 6, the remaining 9 bones will form the letters that sp (MORE)
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How do you beat Cyrus in Pokemon diamond?

To beat Cyrus you need high leveled Pokemon that know rock moves.. Good Luck, Hope you catch dialga :)
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How do you get Giratina?

After obtaining the National Dex, you might notice a new extension to Route 214(somewhere around Lake Valor). This will route you to Spring Path and a small fourth lake. There (MORE)
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How do you beat Cyrus the second time?

well first i would get the two main types to beat him 1 fire type 2 electric then just get some strong Pokemon that's what i did
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Who is Giratina?

Giratina is a Pokemon from the Game:Pokemon, or in Japan, Pocket Monsters. It is the only Pokemon that lives in the Reverse World. Giratina signature move is Shadow Force. Gir (MORE)

How do you beat the puzzles in the labyrinth on Mythology Island?

Beat the bones puzzle by taking out 6 bones from the 15, leaving 9 bones to spell the letters T-E-N. The Red-eyed Snake will go to all 12 of the holes in the snake challenge, (MORE)