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How do you get reputation points on Tales of Pirates?

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Be Mentor of someone (disciple then), each time he lvls you get reputation if you are online too
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How do you level fast in tales of pirates?

Kill monsters in the same level as u and soon u will level up. That was not a very good answer. Ok, this is a better way to level up. Do quests. that may not sound helpful. S

Can age of pirates Caribbean tales be played on windows 7?

no, age of pirates Caribbean tales will not run on any platform newer than XP the game uses a security feature that was abandoned by game makers there fore there are no updat

What is the best character in Tales of Pirates?

That's a hard question. It all depends on internet mall points, length of play, and intelligence. When you start out you will be a newbie, in any class. There are several guid

Summarize the main points of the friars tale?

A summoner who meets a yeoman one day who asks him what he does, but rather than admit he is a summoner, an odious profession, he says he is a bailiff. The yeoman says he is a

What is a chaos clawstone from tales of pirates?

A chaos clawstone is an item which holds extremely high stats used for fusing into a gloves of any character (the gloves that come with no stats from cash shop (forget name, h

How to get easy tppc reputation points reputation points?

Make a Pokemon evolve without logging out (tireless) Example: A Caterpie.(lv.5) Evolved to a Metapod. (lv.25) Then again, evolved to a Butterfree.(lv.50) Without logging out.