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use toothpase,
spread the toothpase on it and leave for 10 mins.
worksss =].


that doesn't work
best way i have found so far is to put ice and pressure on it
actually it does work iv done it many times. if you spread it oves the bite but don't rub it fully in. it will be gone in a day or so
well it didn't work for me, i just looked like a pratt for a few hours...
Ewww! Don't use toothpaste! It's messy, it starts to smell bad after a bit and you look like a total twit. If you're gonna use that method, use sudacrem. It does basically the same thing, and contains almost the same ingredients but is way better for your skin. But the best thing to do is to leave it. Cover it up with make-up or a scarf, it'll go away naturally. Or you can puch your face and body a few times to make it look like a bruise! Altenativly, you could use a vacumn cleaver if you don't facy punching yourself. Say you got into a fight.
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What Is A Love Bite?

  A love bite is also called a hickey. The neck area is most common. It is where the skin is sucked on our slightly bitten hard enough to cause a small bruise. I looked th

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You gently bite the area then suck on it hard but not to where you hurt them do it for about 45 seconds and u should come out with a red/pink love bite the harder you suck

Does toothpaste get rid of love bites?

No just a myth love bites are where the blood is sucked to the top layer of skin it goes back to normal on its own other wise you end up with flakes of toothpaste ontop of a r

What is the quickest way to get rid of a love bite on your neck?

Use a warm compress on your neck. What has happened is that your skin has become bruised and if you use the warm compress, the area will get more circulation to the area and b