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From the hardware shop, purchase a liquid called Spirit of salts, this is an acid which can be poured over the calcium to dissolve it. Take care not to breath in the fumes though as they are damaging. Best to remove as much water from the bowel first then gently either pour over the stains or use a face mask and an old paintbrush with some acid and rub away at it. It generally comes of pretty easy but may need several attempts before its all gone. Flush between re-applying.

CLR is sold in most grocery stores. Works very fast.
use with a scratch free scrubbing pad. Do not get this on any crome finish because it will take the shine out.
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Where is calcium deposited?

  Mostly in the bones of our body.

Clean calcium deposits from painted steel?

You can clean calcium deposits off with vinegar. First loosen the  deposit as much as possible, then heat white vinegar in the  microwave and pour into a spray bottle. Spray

Is calcium deposit in left lung cancer?

probably not. But calcium deposits do grow and can lead to cancer if it get bigger.

What cleans glass tile with calcium deposits?

Usually items can be cleaned in two ways: chemically or with scrubbing. To avoid scratching the glass, try a chemical.    Look for a product that specifically states it

Is it possible to have calcium deposits on your skull?

  Answer   YES! it is possible. They are completely harmless when the are on the exterior of your skull (under the skin but not on your brain). but only a doctor can

How do you remove calcium deposit on ceramic tiles?

I have had success taking muranic acid in a squirt bottle and squirting the calcium. Let sit for a few minutes and then use a metal brush to remove. On thicker calcium build u

How do you remove calcium deposits from a porcelain sink?

  Try vinegar and a scrubber, or commercially prepared 'Lime Away'. The trick is that a weak acidic solution should dissolve the calcium deposits. It is advisable not to

How do you get rid of calcium deposits from an in ground swimming pool?

You can try Biodex 300 if the mineral deposit is just a film (CAUTION IT'S DANGEROUS). If it is thicker you can try a pumice stone (CAUTION MAY SCRATCH TILE). You can hire som

How do you remove calcium deposits from hot tubs?

  In terms of removing calcium buildup and deposits from hot tubs, there are two products which are very effective. Spa System Flush will remove loose calcium, and calcium

How do you clean calcium deposits from a pool?

I had a look around to find what I felt was the best answer to This question and I found it in Wikianswers. These are the answers I like However if you go to the link below th

How do you remove calcium deposits?

Calcium can be broken down with an acidic solution of some kind. There are cleaning agents sold which are made specifically for this. You can remove calcium deposits using ba

What are calcium deposits on skin?

Slimier to goosebumps but last forever (until treated), they should itch a little and have little white tips.