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How do you get rid of calcium deposits in toilets?

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From the hardware shop, purchase a liquid called Spirit of salts, this is an acid which can be poured over the calcium to dissolve it. Take care not to breath in the fumes though as they are damaging. Best to remove as much water from the bowel first then gently either pour over the stains or use a face mask and an old paintbrush with some acid and rub away at it. It generally comes of pretty easy but may need several attempts before its all gone. Flush between re-applying.

CLR is sold in most grocery stores. Works very fast.
use with a scratch free scrubbing pad. Do not get this on any crome finish because it will take the shine out.
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You can try Biodex 300 if the mineral deposit is just a film (CAUTION IT'S DANGEROUS). If it is thicker you can try a pumice stone (CAUTION MAY SCRATCH TILE). You can hire som