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It's easy! All you do is find a tennis racket (if you don't have one buy one at Walmart). Go outside and wait till they are still. Then whack them! Its so funny! If they are still moving step on them (its a good ides to have shoes on). Don't worry, carpenter bees don't sting. All they can do is get mad and buzz all around you. Hope this helped!
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How do you get rid of carpenter bees nests?

Try Sevin Dust   First, carpenter bees are diurnal (daytime) creatures. Wait until nightfall before taking any of the following actions.     Carpenter bees like to

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How do you get rid of bees?

Bees are good for pollinating your garden. Although they can be bothersome, bees certainly don't sting as rapidly (only if bothered) as wasps. If you want to garden in peace,

HOW to get rid of carpenter ants?

If you can find their nest, spray their next with an insecticide. It's best to kill off the army's bunk first! To attract the ants, mix in a bowl: boric acid (about three tabl

How do you get rid of killer bees and or bees?

The best practice is to try contacting the professional bee removal service. Theses bees get the name killer as they are very dangerous insects and have to be handled with car

Can carpenter bees sting?

Male carpenter bees can't sting, but females can release a powerful sting rarely, unless molested of handled.

Are carpenter bees helpful or harmful?

They are neither helpful or harmful. Carpenter bees do not harm humans as they have no stings. They eat and bore holes into wood which may be a problem not any help.

Where do carpenter bees go at night?

Carpenter bees return to their hives at night. They build chambers  in their hives, so that there is room for many of them to settle  in.

How do you get rid of carpenter bees safely without harming the nests?

- Firstly, liberally apply an organic insect REPELLANT (rather than insecticide) that will not damage the wood (they should be safe, especially if licensed for use on human sk

What do carpenter bees eat?


What happens when a carpenter bee stings?

  It hurts very badly. Swelling may occur. Just to sum it up, It feels like a Spider Bite. It looks like one too. I used Vinegar and Baking Soda to take out the stinger an

Does burning a bee hive get rid of the bees?

Yes, unfortunately it can. HOWEVER, before taking any drastic measures, take a moment to ID your bees. If they are honey bees, do NOT kill them. Instead, consult the phonebook

What are carpenter bees?

  Carpenter bees   Carpenter bees, sometimes called bore bees, are large, solitary insects that burrow into wood to lay their eggs and hibernate for the winter.