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There is no known cure for Eczema. When you first notice an "itch" WASH the area immediately. Pat dry, and with a product such as Aveeno, or other unperfumed product you should moisturize. When you first notice the initial little itchy bumps, do not scratch them, apply a bit of the Temovate. Keep that area very dry. If it must get wet, as a hand, dry thoroughly immediately with a soft towel. Do not use heat. Keep the area aired and dry.

Use lotions and creams immediately after a bath. This helps moisturize skin by trapping natural oils within the skin's surface, serving as a self-hydrating agent. Furthermore, sufferers of eczema should avoid excessive sweating and overheating. New clothes should be washed in mild soap before wearing. Since stress also serves as a trigger, an individual who suffers from eczema would be well advised to reduce stress. Persons with severe flare-ups should seek the help of a dermatologist.

Topical steroids- such as mometesone. Wash the area less so that it doesn't get as dried out and figure out what causes it- stress, certain lotions, environmental irritants, etc.
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How do you know if you have eczema?

Your skin will most likely itch and your skin will develop some red marks - partly from itching.

How do you get rid of eczema for good?

Usually, eczema is a condition that clears up on its own as time goes on. However, some skin care products that may help with your itchy, dry skin are Eucerin, Aquaphor, and t

How do you get eczema?

You can acquire eczema through genes, so if a member of your family has had or has eczema, you may have a chance of getting it. Another factor is the food you eat. Nuts, da

Why do you have eczema?

Many thinks that eczema caused by abnormal functions of the immune system. Some studies tell that eczema is also caused by things that come into contact to the human skin and

What to do about eczema?

ANSWER: Hi i have eczema and well it is not fun at all. And there is not a lot we can do about it since there is no cure. I have had eczema all my life so I have been to many

Where do you get eczema?

Eczema is not a type of allergy itself but can be triggered by certain foods we eat. It is the automatic immunity response of the body to refuse an attacker or something that

How do you get rid of cracks on your skin from eczema and do you just keep using the cream until they vanish?

Keep Using the CreamMy aunt has eczema. You need to keep on using the cream.    Since I was 5 my hands & feet have cracked from Eczema sometimes deep enough to bleed. Even

What can you do to your eczema?

You can try some home remedies like: Aloe Vera Shea Butter It's also recommended to stop drinking alcohol because alcohol triggers eczema. For additional information o

How do you get rid of Eczema permanently?

To this day, there is still no permanent cure for eczema, but the good thing is, it can be treated - at least to alleviate pain and other symptoms. The most common way of tr

How do you get rid of eczema around the mouth?

well i still have it around my mouth but i did go away for a while because i used petroleum jelly around it like everyday! i couldn't put it around my mouth when i was at scho

How do you get rid of eczema bumps what can you use to get rid of it?

Cortisone creams, usually. Over the counter cortisone creams can be purchased, i.e. 1% max in the U.S. If this does not resolve it in a few days, see your doctor; s/he might p

Can you get rid of eczema?

No. You are born with it. It is in your genes. All you can do is try to prevent flare ups by using creams and trying to avoid situations which make it worse. One good cream wh
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What is eczema?

a rash that comes up on many parts of the body must be treated immeadily
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How do you get rid of eyelid eczema?

I had very bad eczema on my eyelids for a while, so I went to my doctor and they prescribed some hydro cortisone cream which worked really really well. Ask your doctor about i

How do you get rid of my eczema?

Although this  condition cannot be cured completely, here are 8 remedies and  treatments that can help provide relief from eczema.    Cool Wet  Compress    Coconu