How do you get rid of the dark area above the upper lip?

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make up or ice.
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How can you get rid of your dark spots on your inner thighs under arms knees and bikini area?

Answer . \nI'm assuming you mean dark spots caused by hair growth. You can bleach the area (with hair bleach made for such areas) but keep in mind that will bleach the skin too (so, if have a tan and bleach your bikini area, for example, you'll then have bright spots instead of dark ones). You could look into something like permanent or laser hair removal but these options are not cheap!\n. \n~ T

You are a female that shaved your upper lip hair Now it looks like you have a mustache how do you get rid of that dark look above your lips?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nDont worry, i have a mustache to and i pluck it but that doesn't help. my mom doesnt notice i have a mustache only i do and people make fun of me. i finally decided that i should wax it at a nail place, or bleach it. DONT NAIR! that makes it worse then it already is!

What can you do to get rid of or hide upper lip hair?

The best way is electrolysis because it's permanent. You'll never have to deal with it ever again once the sessions are over. I had the same problem, and about 10 years ago, I did electrolysis. I can't remember how many sessions I had to do to completely get rid of it all...maybe 4 or 5. All I know is that however many it was, it was very well worth it.

How do you get rid of dark lips?

there isn't an exact guranteed answer to this question bcuz everyone's skin and body functional types differ somehow. The smartest thing to do is not to pay to much attention on your lips, because if you do you'll have a temptation to change it some how and if you don't have experience it'll ruin your look. If you know what ghee is then you should put that on your lip everyday before going to sleep ( it smells but it makes your lips softer and gets rid of extra uneeded dried skin. For those of you that don't know what ghee is (it's a kind of butter/margerine which is mostly only found in south asian/indian grocery store. Avoid rubbin your lips, drink lots of fluid, eat vegetables and fruit + avoid too much sugar and sweets. DO NOT use the lemon juice remedy - it's an acid, it looks nice for a few days but it burns up your skin cells and can turn your skin permanently dark and leave it damaged. Firstly thanks about the lemon juice info. I was about to try it. There are alot of ways of how to get rid of dark lips. I have dark lips too so im trying these out. -Ok so what you can do is apply some Glycerin every night before going to bed. -You can put vaseline before going to bed, then the next day use toothbrush to brush away the vaseline (you can do this every night) -Almond oil is good for dark lips -And if you wish to apply lemon juice, add in some honey, mix then apply it to your lips -Last but not least add 6 dates into a cup, add hot water, wait 1/2hr or 45 mins then drink it. This will help out a little for dark lips I hope you found some helpful advices. =]

What causes shadow above lip?

The shadow on above lip or dark skin on upper lip causes waxing orexposure to the sun, for women it will be experienced during orafter pregnancy. It causes hormonal imbalances for women aftertaking pills and allergic reactions to make up, cosmetics, andmedications.

Is there major veins in the upper lip?

No, you can't hit a vein.I recently pierced my own lip and no problem! it bleeds then wala! plop the stud in and youre done. :)

How do you get rid of small dark spot on bottom lip?

Apply detol and warm water on some tissue or cotton wool dab it onto spot it should be gone within a couple of days.

You are 13 yo and you are startiing to grow hairs above your upper lip and I do not knowif you should shave hat before you have your vary first kiss ever?

Answer . Ladies like a clean shaven man! They don't like the rug burn or the chaffing! Shave the 'stache and kiss the girl! . Answer . Hmm...tough one. I do not see anything wrong with shaving them off. I did when I was your age. However, let your parents know your going to do it before hand.

How do you get rid of a rash on upper lip?

Hey the best way to get rid of it is to just put a little bit of vasaline on it over night but make sure it's the normal one ( blue case)

How do you remove hair from your upper lip?

\nHave it waxed by a cosmetologist. I just got mine waxed today and they look soo much better.

What causes gray patches on the skin above the eyebrows and upper lip?

a few things can like: 1. getting charchol on your fingers and then wipeing your face 2. burning your skin with a lighter 3. diping your pingers in pait and scratching your skin

Is it possible for your upper lip to stink?

absoloutely. most of the time it smells like mouldy blue cheese This sounds more like a tooth issue...Have you had your teeth cleaned recently?? Floss?? May be a bacterial odor from you r gums..

How do you get rid of hard haematoma on the area above scrotal that's been 1 month?

All you can do is wait, but if you haven't seen a health care provider yet for a diagnosis, you must do that.

What does 'stiff upper lip' mean?

This idiom means to take on information/pain stoicly (i.e without reaction). This expression specifically means to carry on as you were and not let the world see how you are feeling. e.g Adam:"My nan just died" Ben: "Ah well Stiff upper lip and all" A similar idiom is "keep your chin up". There are many meanings that one might accept as a stiff upper lip. The actual meaning of a stiff upper lip is when one has self restraint especially in situations where crying might ensue. In situations where crying might ensue a stiff upper lipped person would not cry. It refers to the idea that your lips tremble when crying or upset and that 'keeping a stiff upper lip' would mean to suck it up and not cry. To keep a stiff upper lip is to show courage and bravery, also self-restraint. It refers to involuntary spasms of the mouth preliminary to weeping. By keeping a stiff upper lip, we put on a brave face.

What is the fold above your lip called?

Often called god's thumbprint, that 'thing' is called the philtrum. Don't ask me why though!

How do you get rid of redness above the lip?

To get rid of redness above the lip, apply a cold rag. You can alsovisit the doctor if the redness is caused by a rash.

What Is the two piercings above the lip?

two double monroes are called 'angelbites', although sometimes people get spiderbites (which are closer together) on their upper lip.

Does it hert when you get your upper lip pierced?

Not really ... the process takes about 10 seconds. Most of the pain associated with piercing goes away within 1-2 days. It takes about 2 seconds pierce the lip; once needle has gone through once, they add the jewelry right away and it's over within a matter of seconds.

How do you get a full upper lip?

buy lip plumper or do lip liner tricks and remember lip gloss emphasizes lips !

I have eczema on the area above my upper lip but not actually on my lips so I'm wondering if it's OK for me to wear lip gloss?

I have the same problem I'm Black and my upper lip problem is bad looks like I have a Hitler mustache and sometimes its really dry but anyway yes you can wear lip gloss I do with no problems

Can you shave your upper lip?

Yes, you certainly can. However, because after shaving the hairwill grow in thicker and darker, so women avoid shaving it. Someprefer Laser Hair Removal Treatment and others waxing.

How can you get rid of a small pimple that's right above your lip?

take a shower so the steam gets to it. then pop it and put face cream on it :) u might want to use a face soap in the shower too!

How can you get rid of a small pimple that's right above your lip without using any unnatural products?

You can use a drop of tea tree oil ( its all natural). It helps stop the growth of any bacteria. Be sure not to use *too* much, because it will dry out the skin some. Also, to reduce the swelling of the pimple area, do ice treatments (hold ice wrapped in foil with a paper towel wrapped around it) and apply the ice for about ten minutes. Hope it helps! It has been working for me!

How do you get rid of darkness above upper lip?

If you are a women or girl try wearing lip gloss or lipstick. If you are a boy or a man than try using chapstick; the dark kind, maybe like burts bees.

Your upper lip is swollen what should you do?

the best thing is to put an ice pack on it. it will most likely heal in a couple of days

Why does your upper lip smell?

not washing the face and oils are starting to have an odor. or it could be from damaged teeth but that's very unlikely.

What is the piercing above your lip called?

It's called your monroe. It's supposed to be like the beauty mark that Mariyln Monroe had.

When a horse curls its upper lip?

when a horse folds up his/her upper lip it means he/she smelled somthing funny,like somthing he/she has never smelled before. My 4 year old mare somtimes does it when I ride her on the rode in my neighborhood.

What are the red marks that you get above your lip?

If you mean when you get a red line right about your lips, it usually means you have dry skin. When you lips are dry like in the winter time, you try and lick them to help, but that only makes it worse. Your wet tongue, will only temporarily make them feel better, but when the water dries up it is only worse. When you lick your lips you also lick the skin right about your lips, and the same thing happens: it is wet and then when it dries, the cold air makes it sting, and it gets irritated and red. Instead of lickin your lips, carry lip balm or chapstick with you and apply that to your lips daily. . I use AQUAPHOR adavanced therapy. It works really good for dry lips!

How do you dye upper lip hair?

put proxide on it it will turn it blone and unable to see it in the sunlight

How do you get rid of a upper lip zit?

i had this problem about a week ago and i heard about putting papaya and oatmeal on it and leaving it on for about 10 mins. and then washing it off this does work really well do this for about 3-5 days this does get rid of acne. hope this helped :D

Does the girl kiss the upper lip?

Why not? However, it should only be between the girl and her husband per licit marriage.

Why is my upper lip swollen?

First ask yourself this question: Have you been using something different like a face soap or makeup. Maybe you were bit by something you were allergic to! If it doesn't go away contact a doctor.

If you shave your upper lip is it puberty?

Puberty is what brings on facial hair so if you need to shave you are def in puberty.

What does it stands for if your upper lip pierced?

If what your asking is what i think then im certain it is a Monroe.

How can you stop smelling your upper lip?

To stop from smelling your upper lip you could put on a stinky lip gloss or lipstick. Obviously you all might try that but maybe it wasn't stinky enough. I had the same problem and have stopped myself. Thank goodness because my mom says i looked like i was a chonga.

How do you get rid of acne on upper lip?

to get rid of acne period u get a onion and cut it in half then u cut it into a smaller piece and rub it on the acne area and leave it there don't wash. *better to do this at night so can be washed off in morning*

What is the upper lip piercing called?

There are mainly three types of single lip piercings. Monroe( YOUR left), Madonna (YOUR right), and medusa/philtrum which is smack dab in the middle. You can also get angelbites which is a pairing of a Madonna and monroe.

What is the medical term meaning area between the nose and the upper lip?

There is no medical term so it is usually just called the upper lip area. The groove that runs from your nose to your upper lip is called the philtrum.

Why is there an indentation above a person's upper lip and what is it called?

It is called a cuticle not the finger kind though. It is there to the lip from overlapping together and merging with the bottom lip.

What does upper lip smells mean?

It means that you smell something that other people can't smell and they say your upper lip cause only you can smell your upper lip

What does it mean if you have a purple upper lip?

I dont I have it to and I got to go school tomoz eith purple lips but any way I'm havin sex with me boyfriend now so see ya Ps. It's porn

How do you get rid off the red Mark after waxing upper lip?

you may use ice on the specific area... or you may use any cream that actually suits you for a very long time...

Does waxing your upper lip hurt?

Yes it does bit only for the first 1 or 2 seconds its worth the pain though and youll br hlad you do and if you dont then guys wont want to kiss you

How do you make upper lip area lighter?

to get pink lips jst mix little sugar wit sum butter & apply on ur lips for 1/2 an hr. if ur upper lip is dark apply butter every nite.( butter without sugar)

What are little bumps on my upper lip?

There are several explanations as to why there are little bumps onthe upper lip. There are a lot of nerve endings here that couldpossibly be damaged or inflamed.

How do you make disappear the black shadow above my upper lips?

Try lime and lemon juice. They act as natural bleaching agents. They may make skin and hair a few shades lighter when applied directly to an area. Apply a little bit to your upper lip and let it sit for 15 minutes before removing with warm water.

How do you get dark lips?

A better, longer lasting, more natural way to do this is to apply the dark red lipstick first, and then get some black eyeshadow and apply it over the lipstick then rub it all together. Keep in mind that the eyeshadow must be applied very evenly and lightly; a good way to do this is to take a blush applicator brush and get the eyeshadow on there, then brush it on.

How do you get rid of dark discoloration under lips?

The discoloration can be improved by illumination of the natural skin on the top most layer (epidermis). One of the most effective products available in the market is dermology skin brightener. it has all the natural ingredients and it does work.

How do you get rid of hair remover burns scars it's all over my upper lip and it's all red help?

Olive or Almond Oil - rub on immediately. If you don't have those, use the heaviest greasiest oiliest moisturizer. Aloe Vera pulp straight from the plant will be great. As will slices of potato. It should subside in a day.