How do you get rid of the dark area above the upper lip?

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make up or ice.
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What can you do to get rid of or hide upper lip hair?

The best way is electrolysis because it's permanent. You'll never have to deal with it ever again once the sessions are over. I had the same problem, and about 10 years ago,

How do you get rid of dark lips?

there isn't an exact guranteed answer to this question bcuz everyone's skin and body functional types differ somehow. The smartest thing to do is not to pay to much attention

How do you get rid of a upper lip zit?

i had this problem about a week ago and i heard about putting papaya and oatmeal on it and leaving it on for about 10 mins. and then washing it off this does work really well

How do you get rid of dark discoloration under lips?

The discoloration can be improved by illumination of the natural skin on the top most layer (epidermis). One of the most effective products available in the market is dermolog