How do you get the baby to sleep on baby borrowers game?

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  • Pick up the baby by clicking on her and selecting "hold in arms."

  • Take the baby into the kitchen and open the fridge. Select a bottle of formula and click on the baby to feed it to her.

  • Take the baby into the bedroom, then into the bathroom just off of the bedroom. Lay the baby down on the changing table. Click on the pile of nappies and then click on the baby and select "change nappie."

  • Carry the baby back into the bedroom. Lay her in the crib there. Turn on soft music by clicking on the stereo. Now that all of the baby's needs have been met, she should fall asleep.

I Tried It And It Worked!!!
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How do you get past level 2 on baby borrowers game?

well make sure you feed the baby then put it on its front in the livering room it will start crawling around and then you should get the phone call you may get it sooner from

What is the baby borrowers game?

The Baby Borrowers game is a great parenting game that is designedto allow a teen to see what it is like to care for a baby. You canfind the game online at places like BBC.Co.

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