How do you get to the top with Jasmin on SoulSilver?

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go up as far as you can in the lighthouse and off to the left (character looking towards touch screen) there is light coming through the door, i didnt see it at first either.
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How do you get to jasmin in Pokemon SoulSilver?

First go to Ecruteak City. Then go to the Radio Tower. Talk to the lady behind the desk on the far right. Answer all the questions right and you win a radio card or something

How do you talk to Jasmine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You must first reach the top of the lighthouse. Once at the top, you will have to give her the Secret Medicine. Here's a short guide. GUIDE: Step 1. Cross Routes 40 an

How do you get medicine for Jasmine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I have HeartGold and in Cianwood theres a store there and go in and he'll give you the SuperPotion or something like that. Give it to Jasmine and then Ampharos will light up.

Where is jasmine in pokemon soulsilver?

She's the gym leader in Olivine City, but If she's not there, then she's still in the lighthouse. Just go up to the 3rd Floor and when you come off the ladder, on the right wa

How do you get to Jasmine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You go to Cianwood City and beat Chuck. After you beat him, go to the medicine shop and the guy will give you the secret potion. Then go back to Olivine City to the lighthouse

How do you get to jasmine in SoulSilver?

You have to first get through the lighthouse. 1. Go up the stairs on the first floor to get to the 2nd floor. 2. Finish battling the trainers on the 2nd floor and go up th

How do you beat the gym leader jasmine in soulsilver?

Just fight her in the Olivine Gym and defeat all her Pokémon. She only has three. Bulbapedia homepage (source): Bul

What do you do after you beat Jasmine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

At this point, it is optional. If you have beaten Candace but not the Cianwood City Gym Leader, you should do that next. After that, fly on over to Ecruteak City and exit t

How do you save jasmine in Pokemon soulsilver?

First off, you won't be saving her; you will be saving the sick Ampharos. You have to give her the secret potion at the top of the lighthouse. Here's a short guide. GUIDE:

How do you rematch jasmine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In order to rematch Jasmine in SoulSilver, you will need to get her Pokégear number which you can accomplish by going into the Diner in Olivine City between the in-game tim