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How do you get to the top with Jasmin on SoulSilver?

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go up as far as you can in the lighthouse and off to the left (character looking towards touch screen) there is light coming through the door, i didnt see it at first either.
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Is jasmine a weed?

No, jasmine is not a weed even though it is deemed an invasive in Florida and Hawaii. The woody plant in question ( Jasminum spp ) may grace landscapes as a flowering shrub or

Where did jasmine originate from?

The name Jasmine originated from the Persian name Yasmen. The  flower jasmine is native to Iran and western South Asia.

How do you get to the top of the Lighthouse in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Instead of going up the elevator, (which you could take if you beat all the trainers) you must take the stairs and battle the trainers all the way to the top. (P.S. The Gym Le

How do you get jasmines steelix?

Every afternoon, between 1pm and 2pm, Jasmine is in the Olivine City Restaurant (near the Pokemon Centre). Talk to her, and after you get her pokegear number, she will disappe

What do you do after you beat Jasmine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

At this point, it is optional. If you have beaten Candace but not the Cianwood City Gym Leader, you should do that next. After that, fly on over to Ecruteak City and exit to

What color is Jasmine?

its a baby blue! Jasmine Yellow refers to the rich, deep yellow color of the Yellow Jasmine Flower. It is one of many colors of Jasmine flowers.

How do you get medicine for Jasmine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I have HeartGold and in Cianwood theres a store there and go in and he'll give you the SuperPotion or something like that. Give it to Jasmine and then Ampharos will light up.

How do you get to the top of the Bell Tower in SoulSilver?

1st fl - 5th fl is easy but once u've reach'd the next couples it starts get'n hard. YOu go down ledges 1, 2, 3. Then the next 2 after on the left. Go 2 the 1st teleport and t

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Jasmine Plummer is the first girl quarter back to make it to the Pop Warner playoffs in 2003. She was 11 years old when she joined her towns football team in a small town name

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In most cases tea is placed beside freshly picked jasmine flowers. This allows the scent to be absorbed by the leaf. For very high grade tea's, this process is repeated eight

Is Jasmine a climber?

Jasmine is a genus of shrubs and vines in the  olive family, with about 200 species that are native to tropical  and warm temperate regions. Because of this diversity, Jasmi

What Do you do after you beat Jasmine?

For HeartGold/SoulSilver: If you have already beaten Chuck and Pryce (in Mahogany), then you will get a call from Prof. Elm. He will say that there is something weird in Gol